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Network design to suit your business

Good network design can be instrumental in the efficiency of running a business.

With designing a network, we’ll begin with a consultancy and evaluation to fully understand the needs of your business and to map out the work involved. We always take a bespoke, personalised approach when it comes to consultancy, network design and installation to ensure that our solution is tailored to each individual customer.

We’ll look at:


and quantity

We’ll look at the type of devices being used on the network as well as the number of devices.


network security

We’ll inspect and see what existing network security is already in place.


Your existing

We’ll look at your existing structure including cabling.

Our approach

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Preferences of manufacturer or models used?

Different manufacturers such as Cisco, Aruba or Ruckus produce different Access Points, which offer different characteristics. These include antenna patterns (depending on the gain), weight, mounting, and polarization. Older models usually provide less throughput and interference mitigation. We will also need to know what switches and firewalls are in use.

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What devices are going to be used onsite?

Will they be handheld barcode scanners, VoWiFi handsets, laptops or tablets? We’ll need to know the make and model of the devices that will use the wireless networks – to determine frequency ranges – and which standards (802.11a, b, g, n, ac) are supported. If you don’t know this information, we can help you identify what devices you use.

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How many devices do you have of each type?

The number of devices used on your network will determine the WiFi design. We’ll need an estimate of how many devices could be present for any given area. Capacity planning helps us determine the model of Access Points (APs) required.

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