Cisco Duo 2FA & MFA Security

Two-factor authentication (2FA) or multifactor authentication (MFA) is an essential part of web security which enables your mobile workforce to remotely access your network without compromising your company's data. Cisco Duo security provides remote access solutions and protects existing IT infrastructure, making it easy for employees and contractors to gain remote access when remote working.

Traditional security relies on location-based trust. A zero-trust model enforces adaptive controls, and continuously verifies trust. By using a zero-trust platform such as Cisco Duo, you can help to prevent unauthorised access, data breaches and reduce the risk of attacks. The benefit to users is that Duo provides a secure single sign-on - a streamlined login experience that's backed by airtight information security.

Are your users really who they say they are?

Two-factor authentication is the simplest, most effective way to verify the identity of your users and the security health of their devices before they connect to your applications. Keep your data safe. As a Cisco Partner, we can help you with a two-factor authentication solution.

View the Cisco Duo Guide to Two-Factor Authentication

Securing Your Remote Access

Duo’s integration with Cisco ASA VPN provides strong user authentication and device security hygiene check and visibility. This integrated solution provides security admins the ability to enforce consistent user and device-based access policy for VPN access and thereby reduce risk for data breaches and meet compliance requirements.

We needed a solution, so we chose Duo...

We recognised the need for a 2FA solution at Performance Networks. Being experts in WiFi and networking, we set our tech team the challenge to find us the best solution (without breaking the bank). After evaluating several options, they voted for Duo, why?

  • It's scalable security that is easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to manage
  • Business, enterprise, company
  • Duo is a modern security solution that supports evolving enterprise needs
  • It Inspects all devices used to access corporate applications and resources in real time
Cisco Duo on a laptop
The magic of Cisco Duo is the total control you have over what devices connect to your network. If you don’t authorise a connection, there is no connection

Andrew Young

Senior Technician, Performance Networks

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