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Guest WiFi access

Did you know that by asking WiFi guests to access your network via their social media accounts, you could access a mine of demographically profiled marketing information? Many venues offer free WiFi networks to their guests, but don’t gather information to support their marketing campaigns. With a Performance Networks guest WiFi portal, you can provide internet access via a Wireless Hotspot in exchange for Facebook likes, Twitter followers or email addresses. 1 in 3 people in the UK use Facebook everyday – that’s 24 million people sharing updates or photos, or liking posts and pages.

Hotspots that provide compliant data to businesses

Wireless Hotspots

Wireless or WiFi Hotspots allow people in public locations to use mobile devices – such as their smartphone or laptops – to connect to wireless networks whilst on the go. Wireless Hotspots can be located anywhere, from cafes to airports. To access public WiFi networks, users are typically required to log-in via social media accounts or emails. By using social Wifi, users can access your WiFi network quickly and easily. In turn, businesses are provided with a wealth of information.

Public WiFi providers in the UK

Performance Networks are one of the leading public WiFi providers for public hotspots in the UK. Our fully-managed solutions allow you to design and implement wireless hotspots nationally with ease.

How can a guest WiFi portal benefit my business?

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Bespoke portal page

We provide a bespoke log-in or ‘portal’ page. This is user-friendly designed page which you can personalise with your logo.

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Guest details

In order to access the internet via your Wireless Hotspot your guests can choose to like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter or submit their email addresses.

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This new social media activity displays on your guests’ Facebook news or Twitter feeds, promoting your hotel to a ready-made target demographic.

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Social media

You’ll benefit from building a solid base of ‘like’ and ‘follows’ so that subsequent social media marketing campaigns are seen by a high number of warm guests. This will improve your return business by keeping you front of mind.


Future marketing

You’ll capture email addresses for the future e-marketing campaigns and benefit free exposure across Facebook or Twitter to a new potential customer base.

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Stay ahead of the game, and your competition, by getting to really know you customers and their habit.  In today’s world, your marketing approach needs to be proactive. Our Guest WiFi portal can help.

Benefits of a Guest WiFi portal:

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 You will be able to download this data in .csv format for easy integration into other software without the need to change the equipment.

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Social media

No social media management needed: your network will grow as your guests ‘like’ you and ‘follow’ you during their stay and free social media advertising to new potential customers within your target demographic.

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Our graphic-led analysis dashboard makes your customer data easier to digest and use to turbo charge your future marketing.

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Choose to charge for access to the Internet instead, with our range of packages from limited free access to paid premium packages with integrated payment, directly linked to a Paypal account.

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You’ll be able to access your own bespoke dashboard, complete with easy-to-read infographics, charts and graphs to make your guest data meaningful.

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You’ll be able to see a demographic breakdown, providing a much enhanced overview of your customers.

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Data collection

Collection of live customer email addresses for future campaigns – you’ll have a wealth of data about your guests to help you craft future targeted marketing campaigns and generate return business.


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Your collated data will be stored at secure centres across the country, with security measures in place to protect this information. We are one of the leading wireless hotspot providers in the UK.

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Guest WiFi Portal

When high volumes of social traffic combine with public WiFi Hotspots, it allows the network owners or businesses to gather data. This customer data can then be used for highly targeted marketing activities.  If users sign-in to the guest WiFi portal via social media, this activity appears in their social media feeds.

On average, each Facebook user has an average over 300 friends. So, if just twenty people log on to your WiFi Hotspot, your business could be promoted to thousands of potential customers.

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