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Your Number One Secure And Fast Public And Guest Wifi Providers

Remember the days when wifi access in a hotel or your local coffee shop was a bonus, rather than a given?

Well, with everyone now expecting full connectivity in most places they visit, those days are long gone. Free access to public and guest wifi is now an essential part of the customer experience. But, as a business, you too, have a lot to gain.

With a public and guest wifi portal from Performance Networks, you can build detailed visitor profiles to better understand your customers, deliver effective advertising in real time and drive revenue through enhanced engagement.

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What is guest wifi?

Guest wifi gives visitors to a public space access to the internet, usually via a separate access point connected to the broadband router of the business they’re visiting.

Although guests will have easy access to the internet, the fact that they connect using a different point(either a VLAN or different physical port) on the business router means they will not be able to see any data or files on the internal network. Neither will any malware or viruses on a guest wifi device affect the integrity of the business wifi network

The business benefits of using
a guest wifi provider

Discover the benefits of installing a wireless hotspot in your business. As we’re one of the leading providers of public hotspots in the UK, a main benefit of choosing Performance Networks for your guest wifi is the significant experience we have in supplying fully-managed wireless networks and solutions.

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Data capture

Collect live customer data, such as email addresses, to help you create future marketing campaigns with a greater degree of targeting.

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Enhanced customer insights

Get to really know your customers and their habits, gaining valuable insights which will inform a more proactive marketing approach.

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Social media engagement

See your social network grow as your guests ‘like’ and ‘follow’ you during their visit and use free social media advertising to target potential new customers.

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Personalised portal page

Personalise the guest wifi experience with a user friendly login page specifically tailored to your business, complete with your logo.


Simple data integration

We make it easy to integrate the data you’ve gathered into other software, without the need to change equipment.

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Bespoke dashboard

We’ll provide you with your own bespoke dashboard, complete with infographics, charts and graphs to make your guest data more meaningful.

Public and guest wifi anywhere and everywhere

Whatever the setting, wherever the location, we’ve a range of indoor and outdoor public wifi options that will keep guests, customers or visitors fully connected.

Indoor guest wifi

Wifi connectivity for indoor settings including office spaces, schools and colleges, warehouses, pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes, libraries, care homes and hospitals.

Christian Conference Trust

Outdoor guest wifi

Wireless hotspots for coverage across wide and often remote spaces, from marinas, holiday and caravan parks to outdoor business conference centres, arenas, sports stadiums and music festivals.

How our guest wifi works

When it comes to getting them connected, giving customers or visitors seamless guest wifi access really is as easy as ABC.

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Visitors can log in by filling in a short form, usually including their email address, or via their account on social media.

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If visitors have logged in using their social media account, such as Facebook, they can be prompted to like or follow your own social media pages.

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You have the option to redirect visitors to a specific page on your website or to a branded and customisable landing page where they can view your current advertising and promotions. 

Guest and public wifi installation

Using the latest wifi technology from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, our fully qualified engineers can install hardwear to your own specifications and budgetary requirements.

Or, if you run a small business, you can choose to install guest wifi yourself with our simple wifi hotspot kit.

WiFi installation by Performance Networks

Expert installation

A fully-managed guest wifi service; ideal if you also require coverage for EPoS or chip and pin equipment. It includes:

  • A thorough wifi survey
  • Installation and testing
  • An aftercare service
  • Graphics and portal setup
  • Dashboard reportsCustomer data exports
WiFi security

Self installation

Ideal for smaller businesses, our wifi hotspot kit is easy to install yourself. It includes:

  • A plug and play public wifi access point
  • Graphics and portal setup
  • Dashboard reports
  • Customer data export

Ready to connect?

If you’re interested in a fast and reliable public and guest wifi network offering additional marketing
opportunities, just get in touch with us via our contact page.

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We’re 100% dedicated to solving business challenges and enabling our clients to achieve their goals. Our case studies give you the inside proof on how we work and the successful results we deliver.

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