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Retail WiFi Solutions

Performance Networks / Retail Stores

WiFi solutions for retail stores

Retail stores are continually seeking ways to improve their in-store customer experience, and ensuring that you have a robust WiFi network is a valuable way to increase both ongoing customer engagement and revenue.

Experience is everything

We can provide WiFi consultancy and surveys to assess current WiFi performance and provide recommendations as to how it can be improved to deliver a better customer experience.

What we’ll consider

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Time efficiency

Reliable retail WiFi will enable your team to use devices to check real-time stock levels, carry out customer surveys and ensure a smooth check out that won’t leave customers waiting in frustration.

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Seamless operation

Self-serve functions such as ‘click and collect’ can run seamlessly using iPads and touch screens, reducing the need for human interaction and allowing retailers to run a leaner operation.

Our approach

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Social Media & Analytics

Provide a branded retail experience and benefit from more sales opportunities through targeted advertising and data collection using our guest WiFi app for social media. The guest WiFi portal gives access to marketing tools, usage reports, guest demographic reports and full access to captured data. We can also drive traffic to your website with custom redirects and real time offers sent directly to your customers when in store.

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Secure & Compliant

When providing WiFi to the public it’s key to ensure you capture the correct information and log usage to ensure compliance with current legislation. Our systems log all usage required and will be fully customised for your site. We can also set up secure admin networks for the venues own use to connect EPOS, admin computers and even PDQ machines.

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Behavioural Data

Geo fencing allows you to track how customers move around your venue, allowing you to analyse marketing and merchandising effectiveness, improve customer engagement, improve traffic flow and queue buster features such as real-time heat-map views for floor managers. Location analytics are also helping our retailers to plan and improve layouts of new outlets based on real time and historical date collated.

Our Commercial and Retail services

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