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Smoothwall Firewall, network security and monitoring

Smoothwall are Performance Networks preferred digital safeguarding solutions partner in the Education sector.

They are the UK market leader & already provide solutions to 1 in 3 schools and over 50 councils.Their solutions can be deployed standalone or combined for a complete digital safety provision.

The Smoothwall Solution

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Smoothwall Filter

Enabling a safer, digital learning environment with real-time, content-aware and granular control web filtering.

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Smoothwall Firewall

Complete all in one package designed around your organisation’s needs.

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Smoothwall Monitor

Helping schools detect online risks before they become real-life incidents. Meets Ofsted requirements for ‘appropriate monitoring’.

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Classroom Manager

One of the easiest to use, cross-platform solutions of its kind, Classroom Manager empowers teachers to take control and improve learning outcomes in today’s dynamic, digital classroom.


Smoothwall Safeguard Record manager

Easily record child protection issues and safeguarding incidents electronically without the need for traditional daybooks or CP files.

The Smoothwall Solution

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More than safeguarding

Along with providing Smoothwall as a stable safeguarding solution, Performance Networks engineers build school and university wireless networks with optimisation for tablets and smaller devices, as well as future-proofing for new kinds of smart technology.

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Puts you at the forefront

Our school WiFi solutions do not just improve things like ICT infrastructure, but can put your school, college or university at the forefront of wireless technology in schools. We also strive to provide network equipment that has built-in longevity and scalability, providing cost-effective solutions to your educational facility.

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  •  S2: Suited for Small Offices – can support up to 100 users(4 x 1G Ethernet Interfaces).
  • S4: Suited for Small to medium establishments – can support up to 800 users(6 x 1G Ethernet Interfaces).
  • S8: Suited for medium establishments – can support up to 2000 users(6 x 1G Ethernet Interfaces).
  • S10: Suited for large establishments – can support up to 4000 users(6 x 1G Ethernet Interfaces).
  • S14: Suited for large establishments/datacentres. can support up to 7000 users(6 x 1G Ethernet Interfaces. Optional 2 x 10Gb interfaces).
  • S14R: The S14R appliance is a variant of Smoothwall’s S14 appliance. The S14R provides enhanced reporting storage, with improved disk performance and redundancy.

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