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Conference Centre WiFi solutions

Slow connection speeds and/or an intermittent WiFi connection can be a major headache for delegates visiting your conference centre.

Not to mention a frustration for your staff as they strive to deliver a high standard of customer service but do not have the technical expertise to answer WiFi related questions.

Conference centre WiFi

Why work with us? 

  • We’ll help improve the overall experience for your customers through a stable network connection
  • We’re complete WiFi specialists. Not an average IT company
  • Our engineers are highly trained and highly skilled
  • In terms of coverage, we service clients across the UK and throughout Europe
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Your perfect partner

  • Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Our social sign-in product with our guest WiFi portal can boost your social media presence
  • Cisco Premier Partners, Extreme Partner, UK Cisco Meraki Partner and Ruckus Big Dog Partner

Benefits of choosing Performance Networks for your Conference Centre WiFi

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How can we help?

Your delegates will no doubt arrive armed with multiple devices and a desire to access numerous applications. They will want to download and upload data. They will be syncing email folders, updating blogs, vlogs, social media, sending selfies, video clips and reports. They may also be using Skype & various VOIP APPs. If you imagine your internet capacity as a pipe, you’ll appreciate that this can quickly become congested if large numbers of people are accessing it simultaneously.

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We can provide a solution

At Performance Networks we specialise in the design, installation, security and management of bespoke WiFi fixed networks for Conference Centres and have completed projects for venues including the Manchester Central, ETC venues and the Christian Conference Trust. We can offer you the products and expertise to help you get connected with a network that’s just right for you – regardless of the size of your venue or its location.

Looking for reliable Conference Centre WiFi?

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