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Case Study: Redbridge Libraries - WiFi Installation

Redbridge Libraries is comprised of thirteen public libraries in the northeast of London, offering a wide range of services and facilities. Their limited Wi-Fi system needed updating to increase its capacity and reliability and to improve Redbridge Libraries’ engagement with the digital inclusion agenda, widening access to information services.
We installed new enterprise-grade equipment into the libraries to provide improved coverage and capacity to all areas. We also introduced a portal-solution, which captures customer details, to ensure that all users are authenticated before accessing the system. We installed fully managed internet connections with content filtering to block inappropriate content and continue to provide a full management service, including pro-active monitoring of the system.
Registration to use the Wi-Fi is now straightforward and Redbridge Libraries have reported increased customer and staff satisfaction as a result of the new Wi-Fi system. The new Wi-Fi has enabled high demand to be met and as a faster and more reliable service, staff have to handle less enquiries and concerns about it.

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Case Study: Gail's Artisan Bakery: Guest SupaFi Installation

Gail’s Artisan Bakery is a chain of 18 fashionable eat-in bakeries in various locations around London. They recognised a need to provide their urban, professional clients with a safer and more secure WiFi service that also presented the opportunity to market more effectively and create a communication channel which they could use to extend offers and tempt customers back in.
We installed a new and secure WiFi network and built Gail’s a bespoke registration page to tie in with their brand to capture customers’ details at point of log-in. The hotspots were quickly rolled out across their whole group of cafes, giving customers quick and easy access to a secure network that they can enjoy with a tasty bun.
Gail’s Artisan Bakery now has a fully compliant WiFi network that’s not only easily accessible, fast and secure; but also looks great at log-in and gives Gail’s marketing efforts a massive boost by providing up to date customer email data that’s easily imported into MailChimp and other software.

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Case Study: Tyne and Wear Museums: Guest WiFi Installation

Tyne and Wear Museums had three premises where there was no WiFi access for guests; these were South Shields Museum, Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum and Segedunum Roman Fort. It was vital for them to provide a fast and reliable internet connection but to ensure that it was also carefully monitored.
We installed a fast and stable WiFi network to all three museums and provide ongoing managed connectivity including broadband line monitoring, which allows us to give proactive support and a filtering service to prevent the access of inappropriate content.
The museums now have a legally compliant WiFi service suitable for research and academic purposes, as well as a personalised log-in page that gives Tyne and Wear Museums the opportunity to harvest and make use of customer email addresses for future marketing.

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Case Study: Omnia Student Accommodation: Restricted WiFi Installation

Omnia needed to install WiFi into its brand new student accommodation building in Sheffield. This network needed to accommodate a large number of simultaneous users and be configured in such a way that only residents would be able to access it.
We installed a WiFi network accessible to pre-registered users only, preventing abuse from outside parties. The network accommodates 300 student browsers at any one time and our service includes direct user support to those students, taking the maintenance and troubleshooting responsibility away from accommodation managers.
The result is a secure and carefully restricted network that has the added facility of withholding online access to students whose accommodation bills haven’t been paid up to date. The network is fast, reliable and our aftercare and direct support takes hassle away from our client.

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Case Study: Berenberg Bank: Corporate and Guest WiFi

Berenberg Bank already had a guest access WiFi system installed, but they needed it upgrading to include full, corporate WiFi with added security and the guarantee of great, uninterrupted coverage for video conferences and Skype calls as well as general office use.
We provided meeting room WiFi for visiting guests and full WiFi across the building for staff on a completely separate fibre line and infrastructure, with full registration and security authentication enabled for access.
Two completely separate and secure networks allow reliable client and corporate access to a fast and safe internet connection that stands up to the demanding needs of an international investment bank.

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Case Study: Ragdale Hall Hotel & Spa: Guest WiFi Installation

Ragdale Hall Hotel & Spa had no WiFi access for their guests but they decided it was necessary to provide a better customer experience. They wanted to allow their guests to remain connected whilst staying at their hotel and by providing that service, increase sales.
We installed a WiFi network with a personalised log-in page that provides guaranteed coverage across a sprawling estate, allowing guests to relax in the knowledge that they can still be online when they need to.
A reliable guest WiFi network means that guests no longer complain about lack of connectivity and sales have increased as a result of their service improving. The log-in service means Ragdale Hall can use the email data for their marketing purposes.

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Case Study: Best Western Hotels: Guest SupaFi Installation

Best Western had four premises across the UK that needed upgrades to their existing WiFi networks, to make them faster for guests and more secure for the hotels. The premises were Old Toll Gate, Royal Victoria, Stade Court and Talbot Hotel.
We installed fast and legally compliant SupaFi networks which continue to include guest support and equipment monitoring, meaning that we can deal with issues before they become a problem and liaise directly with guests who have connectivity issues.
These hotels now have reliable and fast WiFi facilities for guests to use, that provide guaranteed coverage and the opportunity for the hotels to capture customer data for future marketing. The hotels are also relieved of the responsibility for maintenance and troubleshooting.

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Case Study: Wyldecrest Caravan Parks: Outdoor WiFi Installation

Wyldecrest’s caravan park in Northumberland had a legacy WiFi network in place that was no longer offering the speed or reliability of connection to meet guest expectations. They needed a replacement that would withstand the conditions of outdoor installation and provide reliable connectivity in a rural and remote area.
We mounted enterprise grade access points at high level locations, which provide full park coverage. We also include careful monitoring of the service, so we’re the first to know if it’s affected by the weather and can bring the park guests back online as soon as possible.
Guests now get better value for money out of the WiFi service they pay for, because it’s more reliable, offers better coverage throughout the park and is maintained properly with continued troubleshooting.

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