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Wireless networks in schools, colleges and universities are transforming the education sector. School WiFi offers both pupils and teachers innovative methods of communication and learning, from interactive whiteboards, access to online videos, and making use of handheld or portable devices to encourage collaborative learning. Whether you’re a school or a sprawling university campus, we have a WiFi solution that fits your educational needs.

Having a stable, robust wireless network is important for the modern education system. Increasingly schools, colleges and universities are making this a requirement for a variety of reasons. Modern teaching methods have seen teachers and pupils increasingly relying upon technology. Educational software has led to personalized learning techniques, which students of all abilities and different learning styles.

Performance Networks engineers build school and university wireless networks with optimization for tablets and smaller devices, as well as future-proofing for new kinds of smart technology. Our school WiFi solutions do not just improve things like ICT infrastructure, but can put your school, college or university at the forefront of wireless technology in schools. We also strive to provide network equipment that has built-in longevity and scalability, providing cost-effective solutions to your educational facility.

Guaranteed Wireless Coverage For Your School

Our custom-built school and university WiFi solutions consider everything from your premises size, campus layout, construction and type of devices connecting to the network. Whether it be high network congestion or any other obstacles or interference which could affect signal levels, our engineers will take this into account when designing the network.

Our engineering team will design and install a nschool WiFi network that guarantees coverage to a pre-defined signal level. This will ensure the smallest of devices like phones and even watches have fast, stable connections, whether your students are in a laboratory, classroom or the library.

Bespoke Wireless Survey For Your School

Once arranged, one of our experienced engineers will attend your school or campus, and perform a wireless survey. This will identify any potential sources of interference and specific venue obstacles which would hinder WiFi coverage at your school. The survey looks at all aspects of the school building or university and incorporates a full spectrum analysis.

The engineer will also check the type of internet connection currently used at your school, as this plays a major role in the WiFi experience. Once the wireless survey is complete the engineer will compile a report with their findings and the required works to provide strong coverage throughout.

Fully Monitored School WiFi

All our school and university WiFi services are fully monitored. Our UK-based support team has a full overview of all installed equipment and our systems monitor for any performance issues or potential problems. Each WiFi access point constantly checks in with our onsite or cloud controller software, should an access point not check in, our team will be notified immediately.

This means we can be proactive in our support approach, often diagnosing and correcting an issue before the school, college or university experience any disruption. Our friendly team are also available 365 days a year to help with any technical questions or queries.

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