Bar, Pub & Restaurant WiFi Solutions

Bar, Pub & Restaurant WiFi Solutions

WiFi in pubs and restaurants may have been an added benefit to set you apart from the competition a few years ago, but nowadays, it’s a must-have. Your customers expect to be constantly connected. In cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants, people want to surf social media, Instagram their meals, answer emails or simply pass the time reading the news.

Providing quick internet access in your pub, bar or restaurant can increase the time your customers spend there. Whether people are sharing pictures of their meals on social media without digging into their data, having a long business lunch or working on a laptop, a fast WiFi network increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Particularly as the hospitality sector continues to be so challenging, providing a fast and reliable WiFi network could be the factor that pushes someone to choose your venue over somewhere else.

Our bar, pub and restaurant WiFi solutions are designed to work in high capacity environments, ensuring that everyone on your premises can access a fast, stable and reliable wireless connection.

Your customers won’t be the only ones to benefit. Through the WiFi login portal, you’ll be able to access GDPR-compliant customer data which allows you to target customers with personalised marketing.

Social Media & WiFi Analytics

Our WiFi marketing portal provides a fully customised log in page for customers to access your WiFi. Guests will be asked to register via Facebook, Twitter or a registration form. A management portal gives access to marketing tools, usage reports, guest demographical reports and full access to captured data. Once registered, the system will redirect the customer to a web page of your choosing i.e. an offers or loyalty promotion page.

Safe & Secure

When providing WiFi to the public it's key to ensure your visitors only view content which is suitable for the venue. Our systems can provide content filtering and can be fully customised for your site. We can also set up secure admin networks for the venues own use to connect EPOS, admin computers and even PDQ machines.

Save On Line Costs

Most hospitality venues have two or three lines coming into the building, with one for the guest network and a separate line for the admin, EPOS and PDQ systems. Additionally, the premises may use a third line for a VOIP system. If bandwidth allows, we can often save you the cost of one of the lines, by setting up the guest and admin to go through one line whilst remaining PCI compliant.

Location Analytics

Geo fencing is now available so you can track how customers move around your venue, allowing you to analyse marketing and merchandising effectiveness, improve customer engagement and improve traffic flow. It has queue buster features such as real-time heat-map views for floor managers. Location analytics also help retailers to plan and improve layouts of new outlets based on real time and historical data collated.

Get to know your customers

Social Media

Analytics & Reporting

Fully Branded


We also offer an innovative social media-powered SupaFi portal. Add this to your WiFi network to make your WiFi work harder for you. SupaFi offers guests WiFi access in exchange for an email address, a ‘like’ on Facebook or a follow on Twitter, collecting information about your guests which you can use for future marketing and promotion. SupaFi also connects to your guest’s social media accounts for added exposure to your target demographic.

Visit our SupaFi pages to find out more about this service.

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