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WiFi for Businesses and Offices

Whether you’re a small business with a busy office, or a corporate facility with hundreds of employees, modern businesses are now almost wholly reliant on a stable, fast WiFi connection.

Strong connectivity and access to cloud services are changing the modern workplace, and keeping staff connected to themselves and to customers or clients has never been more essential. Even when clients or visitors come to your site, they’ll need to be able to access a secure guest office network. Our business WiFi solutions ensure your wireless networks are built around your individual company’s needs.

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Cloud controller software

If you choose a managed service, we can manage and monitor its performance via our cloud controller software, allowing us to make any changes to your business WiFi network instantly. We can also create a specific cloud-based controller for you with full or read only access, should you wish to manage the network within your company, or at least have visibility.

What we offer

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WiFi Business Opportunities

We provide business WiFi networks for a variety of sectors including retail outlets, warehouses as well as food and drink outlets and more – meaning we can cater for many different wireless requirements and offer a wide range of bespoke solutions.

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Corporate WiFi

Our bespoke Enterprise WiFi solutions ensure optimal performance in your workplace, both for employees and clients, no matter how large your organisation. Strong WiFi ensures work processes run smoothly everywhere, and allow you to compete globally.

Our approach

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Guaranteed Business WiFi Coverage

Our business WiFi solutions consider many variables – premises size, layout, building construction plus the type of devices connecting to the company or office network. We will go through your specific requirements, considering number of devices, security, BYOD policies, application bandwidth requirements etc.
The engineering team will design and install a business wireless network that guarantees coverage and capacity to agreed levels, ensuring all devices receive a fast, stable connection.

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Business Wireless Survey & Design

Performance Networks’ engineers will attend your business premises and perform a wireless survey. This will identify any potential sources of interference and specific venue obstacles that would hinder your company’s WiFi coverage. The wireless survey looks at all aspects of your site and incorporates a full spectrum analysis to identify any other devices working within similar frequencies that could impact on performance.

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Quality of Service for Business

If your business is using applications such as VoIP, video or certain audio applications, which are often used for business video conferencing for example, then they can require prioritized and guaranteed bandwidth to run effectively. Our business wireless networks can be fully optimised to give quality and priority of service to any application, depending on how it’s used within your company.

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