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We’re proud to be a Cisco Premier Certified partner and Meraki partner, because we’ve demonstrated technical expertise across the range of Cisco solutions and have experienced and dedicated staff who are trained and certified to a high level. We can also consult, troubleshoot, design, install and support across Cisco’s offering, with particular expertise in LAN wired & WiFi solutions.

The Cisco solutions we offer are:

If there is one technology partner that can deliver all you network needs – then Cisco Systems are that provider. Performance Networks have engineers with many years’ experience using Cisco technologies. This experience is across the full portfolio, including routing, switching, network security and wireless network solutions.

If you have any questions about our technology partners or would like some further guidance on our wifi solutions or network support services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Starting from the WAN & working back into the network you can have one provider supplying the whole network:

1: Firewall or ISR Router (with security pack)

Cisco have the devices to cater for all your needs. WAN throughput of 100Mbps-10Gbps depending on the model & enabled services, which might be:

  • Application Visibility & Control
  • Advanced malware protection
  • URL Filtering
  • IPSec or SSL VPNs
  • Traffic Policing or Shaping

2: Switches

Whether you have a campus-sized network requiring the traditional Core/Distribution/Access type setup, or a smaller network requiring a collapsed core setup, Cisco switches can cover all your needs.

Will you require a combination of Chassis, Stackable or modular switches, with or without PoE capabilities? Or maybe you just need one or two switches but with full PoE+, QoS & traffic shaping capabilities?

Either way, get the design right from day one and this part of the network should fly.

3: Wireless Controller

You need a wireless controller. This could be a traditional on-site controller (appliance), or, on smaller networks, an Access Point acting as a controller (Mobility Express). The controller provides many benefits over autonomous Access Points, where you configure each Access Point separately. For example, the controller can change things like power levels, channels and security settings on the fly, ensuring your network runs smoothly.

4: Wireless Access Points (APs)

Indoor Access Points

The access point we recommend here really depends on your requirements. We’d need to consider things like:

  • What APPs and traffic will be running over the air -VOIP, Video, large CAD files?
  • How many devices are likely to be connected at any time in one area?
  • What area do you need to cover – will omnidirectional APs suffice, or will you improve things by using directional antennas (we’re a big fan).

Outdoor/Industrial Access Points

Do you need a full weatherproof Access Point (IP67), or one that supports extreme weather, able to work in high temperature, humidity, or in strong wind?

5: Identity Services engine (ISE)

ISE is a security tool for managing security and access policies for devices wanting to connect, or already connected to, a company’s resources.

Network Access Control (NAC) capabilities include the ability to:

  • Simplify guest experiences
  • Streamline BYOD & enterprise mobility
  • Centralize network access policy management
  • Greater device visibility & identification (profiling)
  • Software defined segmentation based on user/device roles.

A nice summary of the ISE is provided here.

We have delivered solutions to date using the following Cisco products:

  • Routers – Cisco ISR 800 to 4000 series.
  • Firewalls – ASA 5506-X to 5545-X
  • Switches – Catalyst 2960 – 9400 & everything in-between!
  • Wireless mobility controllers – 3504 to 5520
  • WiFi Access Points – Aironet (both Indoor & outdoor/with and without directional antennas) 1800-4800 (indoor)
  • ISE (Identity Services Engine) – Identity/BYOD management. Used as an appliance or VM.
  • Cisco Umbrella – URL Filtering and visibility, along with phishing, malware & ransomware protection.
  • ASA Firepower – IPS/AMP/URL Filtering. Used as an appliance or VM (Management Center).

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