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Cisco Premier partner status is one of the industry’s most respected. After all, it comes from an acknowledged worldwide leader in IT, networking and cybersecurity solutions.

As a Cisco partner and Cisco Meraki partner, we can deliver value-added services, focused technical expertise and higher levels of customer satisfaction, with the ability to troubleshoot, design, install and provide support across the entire Cisco offering.

Who is Cisco?

Cisco develops and manufactures industry-leading networking hardware, software and telecoms equipment, specialising in specific tech markets such as the Internet of Things, domain security, videoconferencing and energy management.

If anyone can lay claim to a heritage in an industry as young as global networking, then it is Cisco. And today, 85% of internet traffic now travels across their systems.

The innovative software-defined solutions delivered by Cisco connect people, devices and networks, allowing the access and transfer of information regardless of time differences, location or even the type of computer system being used.

An integral part of the Cisco DNA is creating long-lasting customer partnerships, working together to identify needs and provide solutions that fuel success.

Proud to be a Cisco partner

Cisco Premier partner requirements demand technical expertise across the range of the Cisco solutions. This is why we’re proud to be have a partnership with Cisco.

And at Performance Networks, you’ll find an experienced team of expert consultants and engineers fully trained and certified in the latest Cisco networking, IT and security products.

We believe Cisco partner status enhances our industry credibility, sets us apart from the competition and provides potential customers with evidence of our
commitment to delivering competent implementation services and outstanding support.

We also share Cisco’s belief that end-to-end networking is the most viable way of containing costs, simplifying management, improving productivity and enabling better collaboration and mobility within the workforce.

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How you can benefit

If there is one technology partner that can deliver all your network needs, then Cisco Systems are that provider.

Our expert engineers are thoroughly trained on the latest end-to-end solutions from Cisco, including software adoption and their four core architecture specialisations of security, networking, collaboration and data centre.

We can work fully in line with your individual requirements to ensure the Cisco technology in which you’re investing meets the aims of your business. And, if any issues do arise, we can provide proactive managed services to minimise downtime and optimise the functionality of your infrastructure.

As we believe our services and solutions should be as unique as your organisation, the many different features of the Cisco offering can be tailored to your exact requirements, with the option to remove or add features at any time if your requirements change.

Our Cisco solutions

Cisco ISE

A unified solution for security policy management, Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) allows secure network access to users, devices and guests. Once in position, ISE can work with network devices to build contextual identities, based on attributes collected from your users and endpoints.

Cisco ASA firewalls

Cisco’s range of next-generation firewalls are designed to block threats and mitigate potential breaches. The range includes the ASA Firepower, which is an adaptive security appliance which, uniquely, can provide advanced threat protection before, during, and after attacks. We also have firewalls from Cisco Meraki.

Cisco Duo

With two-factor or multifactor authentication, Cisco Duo security provides remote access solutions while protecting existing IT infrastructure and making it easy for employees and contractors to gain remote access.

Cisco Umbrella

A cloud-based security platform, Cisco Umbrella provides the first line of defence against cyber threats, blocking malware, C2 callbacks and phishing. Predictive intelligence means Umbrella is able to uncover attacks even before they launch.

Our Cisco partner portfolio

Starting from the WAN and working back into the network, our extensive range of Cisco products means you can have one provider supplying the whole network. Our product portfolio includes:

  • Firewall or ISR Router (with security pack)

    Cisco has the devices to cater for all your needs. WAN throughput of 100Mbps to 10Gbps is available, depending on the model and enabled services, which could include:

    • Application visibility and control
    • NGIPS
    • Advanced malware protection
    • URL Filtering
    • IPSec or SSL VPNs
    • Traffic policing or shaping
  • Switches

    Cisco switches are among the best on the market. The full range is designed to deliver the highest levels of performance and security to your network.

    Whether you have a campus-sized network requiring the traditional Core/Distribution/Access type setup, or a smaller network requiring a collapsed core setup, Cisco switches can cover all your needs.

    We can deliver a combination of chassis, stackable or modular switches, with or without PoE capabilities, or just  one or two switches but with full PoE+, QoS and traffic shaping capabilities.

  • Wireless controllers

    Both a traditional on-site controller and, for smaller networks, an access point which acts as a controller are available in the Cisco range. 

    The controller provides many benefits over autonomous access points, which require separate configuration. For example, the controller can change things like power levels, channels and security settings on the go, ensuring your network runs smoothly.

  • Wireless access points

    You need a wireless controller.

    This could be a traditional on-site controller (appliance), or, on smaller networks, an Access Point acting as a controller (Mobility Express). The controller provides many benefits over autonomous Access Points, where you configure each Access Point separately.

    For example, the controller can change things like power levels, channels and security settings on the fly, ensuring your network runs smoothly.

    Indoor access points

    The access point we recommend here really depends on your requirements. We’d need to consider things like what APPs and traffic will be running over the air, such as VOIP, video and large CAD files.

    How many devices are likely to be connected at any time in one area? And what area do you need to cover? Will omnidirectional AP suffice or will you improve things by using directional antennas?

    Outdoor and industrial access points

    You can choose from an access point with full weatherproofing (IP67) or one which can operate in extreme weather conditions, such as high temperatures, humidity or in strong winds.

  • Identity Services Engine (ISE)

    Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) is a network security tool for managing security and access policies for devices wanting to connect, or already connected to, a company’s resources.

    Network Access Control (NAC)

    NAC capabilities include:

    • Simplify guest experiences
    • Streamline BYOD and enterprise mobility
    • Centralise network access policy management
    • Greater device visibility and identification (profiling)
    • Software defined segmentation based on user/device roles.

    A nice summary of the ISE is provided here.

  • Our Cisco product solutions

    Our extensive experience as a Cisco partner has involved us in the implementation of a wide range of solutions using Cisco products, including:

    • Routers – Cisco ISR 800 to 4000 series
    • Firewalls – ASA 5506-X to 5545-X
    • Switches – Catalyst 2960 and 9400, plus everything in between
    • Wireless mobility controllers – 3504 to 5520
    • Wifi access points – Indoor 1800 to 4800 and both Indoor and outdoor Aironet with and without directional antennas
    • Identity Services Engine (identity/BYOD management) – Used as an appliance or VM
    • Cisco Umbrella – URL Filtering and visibility, along with phishing, malware and ransomware protection
    • ASA Firepower (IPS/AMP/URL filtering) – Used as an appliance or VM (management centre)

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To discover more about the extensive range of Cisco products, and how your business could benefit from our position as an accredited Cisco partner, contact us today.

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