Performance Networks Leased Line Solutions

A leased line from Performance Networks offers a variety of benefits from a fast, reliable connection to UK-based customer service team, offering advice and guidance around the clock.

Performance Networks Fibre Leased Lines can offer speeds of 10Mbps to 1Gbps across a dedicated fibre circuit, guaranteeing speed and uncontended bandwidth.


Fully Monitored

Our Leased lines are fully monitored for both outages and bandwidth usage, allowing proactive support and advice.


SLA Backed

100% SLA backed lines with a 6 hour clock fix, Cisco routers and proactive support.



Speeds from 10Mbps to 1Gbps available on a resilient 10Gbps dark fibre network, bandwidth is available almost on demand.

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Other Benefits:

    • Assured bandwidth

Our leased line service have full bandwidth guarantees and can be configured with full end to end traffic prioritisation to ensure your bandwidth is never compromised

    • In-built resilience with additional back-up support

Although already backed by 100% SLA our leased lines can also be configured with automatic fail over to FTTC, ADSL or an alternative leased line, for critical connectivity sites.

    • Backed by a Service Level Agreement

Our leased line services are backed by a 100% SLA. All services are provided with full monitoring and supported by Cisco-qualified engineers, ensuring your business stays connected.

    • Expertise and support

We have over 10 years’ experience in providing fibre leased lines. You’ll be supported by our UK-based customer support team, available around the clock.