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Guaranteed WiFi networks for Care Homes

Performance Networks have vast experience designing, implementing and managing care home WiFi networks. We understand the requirements unique to care homes, from secure, superfast networks for facilitating digital care records to easy to use but secure networks to keep residents connected to their loved ones.

Adapting to a care home environment can be incredibly hard, but providing a fast, stable WiFi connection can make that transition far easier by giving people the chance to keep relationships strong and feel closer to the world.

Care Home

A home from home WiFi experience

WiFi that is easy to use but secure is essential for residents, our care home WiFi networks are designed to be simple and friction free, unlike traditional guest and public WiFi systems. We avoid tricky login screens and complicated sign in procedures, instead we set a up simple but secure password for each room as you would use with your home WiFi.

This approach means the WiFi is simple to connect to for both residents and their families, it also allows smart TV’s, internet connected radios and other equipment to be easily and securely connected. As our home from home WiFi is so easy and familiar to connect to, it both improves resident experience and also reduces support requests and complaints to staff.

Our approach

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Separate Secure Networks

A Care Home WiFi network will serve a multitude of purposes for residents, guests, carers and medical staff.

The secure networks we provide cater for all requirements and allow admin use and connections for medical devices, computers and audio visual equipment.

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Guaranteed Coverage

Performance Networks Care Home WiFi solutions take into account everything from the size of your premises to the anticipated number of devices required.

We understand there can be many different factors from visitor numbers to building construction which could affect signal levels and performance, and we ensure that all of these are covered when we carry out a WiFi survey.

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Fully Monitored

All of our Care Home WiFi services are fully monitored. Our UK based support team have a full overview of all installed equipment and our systems proactively monitor performance issues and potential problems, identifying them before they occur.

Should an access point not check, our team will be notified immediately. We are also always on hand to help either a resident or staff with any technical queries.

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The importance of Care Home WiFi

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Good WiFi is essential to facilitate the use of new technology to improve care and efficiency, but also enables residents to speak with loved ones, carry out day-to-day leisure needs and even connect medical devices and audio-visual equipment.

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Resident wellbeing

Care Home WiFi will not only enhance a resident’s experience and facilitate the use of the latest video calling and connected TV services, but can also be a deciding factor in choosing a care home for both residents and their families.

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Stay connected

As WiFi is now so important to delivering both care and resident experience, reliability is key. With a Performance Networks WiFi solution, your care home will be monitored and supported by our friendly UK-based customer service team.

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