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From speaking with loved ones, to carrying out day-to-day leisure needs; a fast, stable Internet connection is quickly becoming a necessity for the older generation. Care Home WiFi will not only enhance a resident's experience and facilitate the use of technology to increase care levels, but can also be a deciding factor in choosing a care home for both residents and their families. With a Performance Networks WiFi solution, your care home will be provided with outstanding connectivity, supported by our friendly UK-based customer service team.

Separate Secure Networks

A Care Home WiFi network will serve many purposes, from attracting new residents to enabling increased standards of care by utilising new technology. We build separate secure networks as standard one for residents and the others for the buildings own admin use, to connect medical devices, computers and audio visual equipment.

Guaranteed Coverage

Performance Networks Care Home WiFi solutions take into account everything from your premises size to residents' and staff requirements for the network. We understand there can be many different factors from visitor numbers to building construction which could affect signal levels and performance if not considered when deploying a WiFi network.

Fully Monitored

All of our Care Home WiFi services are fully monitored, our UK based support team have a full overview of all installed equipment and our systems monitor for any performance issues or potential problems. Should an access point not check, our team will be notified immediately. We are also always on hand to help either a resident or staff with any technical queries.

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We also offer an innovative social media-powered SupaFi portal. Add this to your WiFi network to make your WiFi work harder for you. SupaFi offers guests WiFi access in exchange for an email address, a ‘like’ on Facebook or a follow on Twitter, collecting information about your guests which you can use for future marketing and promotion. SupaFi also connects to your guest’s social media accounts for added exposure to your target demographic.

Visit our SupaFi pages to find out more about this service.

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