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Hotel guests have ever-increasing demands for a reliable wireless connection. Over the years many hotel guest wifi systems have become dated or unstable, leading to poor customer service. Whether it’s the fact that hotels are increasingly being used as virtual offices, or the fact that guests now demand to be able to complain about poor WiFi speeds, fast and safe wifi for hotels is essential. In fact, hotel WiFi usage has changed greatly in the last few years. Guest requirements used to be as simple as downloading emails, but now people want to stream films, box-sets or live sports – and they need their hotel’s wireless network and internet connection to support this. It’s also essential for your own internal network of devices to be as efficient as possible, enabling you to provide the best possible service.

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The benefits of providing an exceptional hotel WiFi connection include:

  • Improved customer reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor.
  • Access to customer data – emails or social media information – to support future marketing opportunities.
  • Increase in business customers using hotel facilities for stable network access.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty due to fast WiFi speeds.
  • A potential revenue stream in itself if charging.
  • Efficiencies for the hotel itself if it’s set up to make use of modern technology – i.e. staff members have devices and receive notifications when guests check out.
  • Be ready for Smart technology – connected devices and the Internet of Things – entering the hospitality industry.

Guaranteed Coverage

Performance Networks hospitality and hotel WiFi solutions take into account everything from the size of your premises to your average footfall. We understand there are many different factors to consider from guest numbers to bathroom construction, all of which can affect signal levels and performance – not to mention TripAdvisor reviews – if not considered when deploying a hotel guest WiFi system.

Our engineering team will design a wireless network that guarantees coverage to pre-defined signal levels to ensure the smallest of devices, such as phones and even watches, have fast stable connections. This ensures that guests are always connected when staying at your venue.

Proactive Support

All of our hotel guest WiFi systems are fully monitored. Our UK based support team has a full overview of all installed equipment and our systems monitor for any performance issues or potential problems. Each and every hotel WiFi Access Point constantly checks in with our cloud controller software. Should an Access Point not check in, we’ll be notified immediately.

This means we can be proactive in our support approach, often diagnosing and correcting an issue before your hotel or customers experience any disruption. Our friendly UK-based team is also available 24/7 365 days a year to help with any technical questions, queries from staff or offer direct support to guests.

Social Media & Analytics

When providing Hotel WiFi to your guests it's key to improve your guests experience with a branded log in experience. This also creates an opportunity for data capture and social media 'likes' and 'follows' as guests log into the system.

Our bespoke systems provide a fully customised log-in page for your hotel customers to access the network. The management portal gives the hotel access marketing tools, usage reports, guest demo-graphical reports and options to manage usage and restrict bandwidth. The system also gives the hotel options to create packages for paid access and also tiered access for free limited access and paid premium access.

Our Hotel Wi-Fi Network At Ragdale Hall

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Recently we installed a hotel WiFi network at Ragdale Hall, a luxury hotel and spa located in Leicestershire. The hotel had no WiFi access available for their guests in their rooms, and the only access was in communal areas. What’s more, there was poor to no cellular coverage in the buildings, which were spread across a large estate. As a leading luxury hotel and spa Ragdale Hall are constantly striving improve their customer experience further. Their aim was to allow their guests to have a fast Internet connection whilst staying at their hotel and, by providing that service, increase footfall and revenue.

Our solution was to install a WiFi network with a personalised log-in page for guests. This covered the hotel for the legal requirements, and redirected guests to a homepage that they could use for further promotion and data capture opportunities. This provided guaranteed coverage across the sprawling Ragdale Hall estate, allowing guests to relax in the knowledge that they could still be online when they need to. Ragdale Hall also benefit from in depth analytic and marketing information supplied by our guest WiFi registration and management software.

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