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Recognised as one of the world’s leading wireless networking providers, Ruckus (which is now part of the CommScope group) are redefining connectivity with a range of innovative wifi, switching, cloud and software products.

As a Ruckus Big Dog partner, we have state of the art product expertise and extensive experience of installing their world-class networking solutions in a range of indoor and outdoor settings, from logistics, manufacturing and warehousing to education, retail and hospitality like pubs and restaurants, hotels and conference centres.

About Ruckus

Pushing the boundaries of communications technology, Ruckus create some of the world’s most advanced wired and wireless networks, providing secure, reliable access to applications and services no matter how challenging the environment.

From network design, manufacture and wireless installation right through to support for hardware infrastructure and software intelligence, they enable the digital society to interact and thrive.

Following CommScope’s recent acquisition of parent company Arris, Ruckus are even better placed to meet customer and industry-specific requirements. They power progress and create lasting connections across the globe by solving today’s challenges and driving innovation that will meet the needs of what comes next.

Proud to be a Ruckus partner

We’ve been a Ruckus Big Dog partner for a number of years now and, in that time, we’ve deployed their award-winning portfolio of access points, wifi controllers and network switches in many different environments.

We’ve found that Ruckus solutions and products are particularly popular within the hotel and hospitality sector, where there are high demands on guest wifi networks.

Our team of expert consultants and engineers are adept at implementing the innovative, high value solutions Ruckus are able to offer. They have solid experience in designing these solutions using traditional based LAN controllers, cloud controllers and, for smaller sites, controller-free wifi networks for the smaller sites.

We are proud to have been chosen as the first Big Dog partner in the UK to deploy the Ruckus Virtual Smartcell Gateway. This is a virtual server which, in the cloud, is known as the virtual Smartzone.

How you can benefit

Our status as a Ruckus Big Dog partner, and the expertise and experience it imparts, enables us to deploy wifi solutions for even the toughest of networking challenges. Solutions which can be fully tailored to the unique requirements of your business.

The design of a Ruckus system by our expert consultants, and its subsequent installation by our skilled engineers, will ensure networking within your organisation will be secure, scalable, robust and, just as importantly, fast.

In turn, this will enable you to increase productivity, make efficiency savings and, if you operate within the hospitality sector, provide your guests with a seamless connection.

Products highlights

Particular standouts in the Ruckus product range include their omnidirectional access point (AP) technology, which is arguably the best out there.

As is their patented BeamFlex technology, which uses combinations of antennas to turn an omnidirectional AP into a semi-directional AP for every client device.

As this gives improved performance and range for all connected clients, it is particularly advantageous in high noise environments, such as manufacturing plants.

Our Ruckus Big Dog partner portfolio

Our portfolio of cutting-edge networking products which continue to push the boundaries of communications technology includes:


Wireless access points (AP)


Software and security, analytics and location solutions

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To discover more about our portfolio of world-leading Ruckus products, and how your business could benefit from our position as an accredited Ruckus Big Dog partner, contact us today.

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