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WiFi for Student Accommodation and Halls of Residence

Meeting the increasingly high expectations of students can be challenging, particularly when stats show that the most important thing student’s rate about their accommodation is value for money (97%) – which includes access to fast WiFi as part of their package.

If you’re a provider of student or graduate accommodation, then you should be considering if you’re delivering the right level of service when it comes to digital services. If you’re not, it could compromise the overall student experience and jeopardise reviews and the reputation of your facilities. In fact, WiFi plays such an important factor for students that they are willing to pay a premium for it (as recently reported by a UCAS Student Accommodation survey 2018/2019).

Student accommodation

Providing wifi in student accommodation

Where to begin

The best place to start is with a WiFi survey, we offer different types of survey, but fundamentally we’ll consider the size of your accommodation, required coverage, potential number of devices accessing the network (it’s reported that 30% of students have four or more), the current infrastructure, interference, and the construction of the building.

Educational WiFi survey

How we can help you

After the survey

After conducting a survey, we’ll be well placed to advise you on next steps, including our recommendations in terms of the tailored solution we will implement, how long it will take to complete, and the support we’ll provide going forward.

Key considerations

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An essential service

We’re well accustomed to designing solutions to support student’s digital needs. If your accommodation doesn’t offer that, residents may view it as substandard.

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Always connected

Whether they are completing online coursework, skyping friends and relatives or streaming applications such as Netflix across a multitude of devices – a super-fast internet connection is vital.

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Secure networks

Providing individual private and secure networks for residents that’s accessible to them throughout the entire student accommodation may seem an arduous task, but if students can’t successfully connect, share, post, stream and ultimately learn online, they’ll look to you as the accommodation provider to take responsibility.

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Home WiFi experience

We can help you to create a “hub” for each student – providing them with the fast, reliable access that they want. This allows students to securely connect devices to their own network and share information between them like Chromecasts, games consoles (Xbox etc) and Smart TV’s just like at home, which traditionally wouldn’t be possible over standard guest WiFi networks.

Our approach

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Secure & Compliant

When providing WiFi for multiple users, it’s key to ensure you capture the correct information and log usage to ensure compliance with current legislation. Our systems log all usage which is stored securely in our UK data centres in case of any investigation or copyright infringement. Also, our SupaFi guest registration and management system has been designed with student accommodation in mind and can be configured for resident access meaning only registered residents can access the network. This ensures the network does not suffer degradation by ‘free loaders’ or non-paying guests.

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Proactive Support

All Performance Networks student accommodation WiFi solutions are fully monitored, our UK based support team have a full overview of all installed equipment and our systems monitor for any performance issues or potential problems. This means we can be proactive in our support approach, often diagnosing and correcting an issue before the residents experience any disruption. Our friendly team are also available 365 days a year to help with any technical questions or queries, both direct from residents and also from the accommodation provider.

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Performance Guarantee

As specialists in WiFi solutions and WiFi network design, we’re dedicated to providing you with a solution that works for you, regardless of the size or complexity of your accommodation. Our years of experience have led us to where we are today – complete WiFi specialists. We don’t just dabble in WiFi, it’s our core business. We’ve worked in every type of environment, from new build student dwellings to multiple halls of residence. We’re so confident that we’ll be able to fix your WiFi problems, we guarantee if you follow and implement our recommendations, our solution will deliver optimum performance – or we’ll give you a full refund.

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