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Aerohive have a cloud-first approach to their portfolio of wired & WIFi network devices. But, if you require it, they also produce on-premise kit – as there are times when cloud management just isn’t suitable.

Their cloud server, Hivemanager, technically isn’t a controller as you would traditionally think of one: it’s a management platform that can manage the full portfolio of wired & WiFi devices.



Network status at a glance


App Visibility and Control

Understand & control visibility on the network


Monitoring & Reporting

Unmatched ease of operations


Unified management

Wired & wireless devices, through a single-pane-of-glass


MSP Support

Manage configurations in a multi-tenanted environment


Guest Management

Secure & tailor network access for users & devices

What Does The Aerohive Portfolio Include?

1. WiFi Access Points

The Aerohive wireless architecture is based on a distributed control setup: the Hivemanager management platform is where you configure the various settings, but as soon as that’s pushed out to the required Access Points, then they take over and make all access & forwarding decisions.

This eliminates potential bottlenecks associated with the traditional method – a LAN Controller.

Aerohive are also one of the only providers to supply software defined radios.

This means you can reprogram the 2.4GHz radio on an Access Point into a 5GHz radio, giving you an AP with two 5GHz radios – a great feature for today’s networks!

The Aerohive portfolio even includes the first enterprise grade 802.11ax Access Points, in the form of the AP630, AP650 & AP650X Access Points. Then there’s the 802.11ac AP models which vary from the smaller 2×2:2 models up to 4×4:4 models – both indoor & outdoor capable varieties.

Features include:

  • Cooperative Control
  • Dual 5GHz
  • App visibility & control
  • QoS
  • PPSK
  • WIPS
  • Built in RADIUS
  • L2 VPN
  • Spectrum Intelligence

2: Switches

The Aerohive switch portfolio consists of a series of devices that can cover small to medium businesses, or large business at the Access layer. For any larger deployments where a Core/Distribution model is required, then they can be combined with the Dell N-Series switches. Hivemanager can be used to manage & deploy these Dell switches.

Features include:

  • Cloud management
  • Simplified Stacking
  • Automated deployment
  • Dell N-Series management
  • User based QoS
  • Cloud CLI
  • High capacity POE+
  • Advanced Security

3: Branch Routers

The Aerohive XR routers/SD_WAN solution covers small, midsize branch & remote office setups. Throughput ranges from 200Mbps to 600Mbps and can use a variety of WAN connections – Leased line, DSL or LTE for increased throughput & reliability.

Features include:

  • Multi-path WAN optimization
  • Application flow control
  • L2-7 policy enforcement
  • Link state monitoring
  • Automated provisioning
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Secure gateway proxy

4: A3 – MDM/BYOD/IoT/device management

A3 provides complete functionality for securing, managing & controlling all devices on your access network – from standard wired & WiFi clients, to IoT & BYOD.

Features include:

  • Self-service onboarding
  • Guest & BYOD management
  • Automated device provisioning
  • Built-in 802.1x certificate authority
  • Device profiling
  • Network Access Control(NAC)

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