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Driven by a vision to make things simpler and faster, as well as more agile and secure, Extreme Networks has been pushing the boundaries of networking technology for over 25 years.

As an Extreme Networks partner, we can enable the transformation of your network – adding agility and scale, simplifying infrastructure and enhancing the visibility of operations and performance.

About Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks is a leading force in agile networking technologies, recognised globally for its reliable and secure cloud-driven enterprise
network solutions.

The acquisition of Aerohive by Extreme Networks in 2019 really moved them into the top tier by adding critical cloud management and edge capabilities to their existing product portfolio.

Today, they are the industry’s only end-to-end, cloud-driven enterprise networking vendor.

From college campuses and small towns to global enterprises and major league sports, Extreme Networks’ customers benefit from unequalled agility from a network which enables them to digitally transform the way they operate.

Proud to be a Extreme Networks partner

It’s our unrivalled experience and expertise in cloud-based, end-to-end solutions which has seen us become a certified and trusted Extreme Networks partner.

As an Extreme Networks partner, we are proud to work alongside them at the forefront of wireless network technology. And just as proud that we are able to offer our customers a portfolio of agile and secure network devices which ensure future-proofed performance.

We are also happy to be working with a company looking at ways to design, manufacture and deliver networking solutions with a focus on the environment and social sustainability, with Extreme Networks committed to the ongoing reduction of its carbon footprint.

How you can benefit

Choosing Extreme Networks as your cloud-driven enterprise solution will give you complete network visibility and control, along with the insights needed to meet your key business objectives.

And, from the network edge to the enterprise data centre, you can improve IT efficiency with a single management system.

Whether private, public or hosted locally, the Extreme Networks cloud makes network management easier, all while gaining valuable intelligence data from both network technologies and devices.

Secure and reliable wifi connectivity is now a must have, and an integral part of any guest experience. This is why Extremes’ smart, software-driven network infrastructure and machine learning are ideally suited to the requirements of mobile-driven venues.

With switching, centralised management and contextual network analytics, you can have customised, high-quality wifi across any property, whatever the existing infrastructure.

Superfast connectivity

The key features of Extreme’s cloud networking

  • Powerful automated functions making of networking easier from deployment to support
  • Regular platform updates to ensure you’re always up to date with the latest technical innovations
  • Data can be quickly and easily shared via open application programming interfaces
  • Scalability allows you to adapt to changing requirements at any time
  • Seamless protection meeting the strictest compliance and security requirements
  • Machine learning for better insights into issues
  • Affordable running costs which will see your pay off from day one

Our Extreme Network product portfolio

As an Extreme Networks partner, we are able to offer a broad portfolio of wireless, routing and switching products.

These end-to-end connectivity products come with industry-leading technology capable of delivering scale, speed, security and reliability to all of your users, devices and applications, no matter what their location.

  • Wifi access points

    Extreme Networks wireless architecture is based on a distributed control setup: the ExtremeCloud IQ management platform.

    This is where various settings are configured, but as soon as they’re pushed out to the required access points, then they take over, making all access and forwarding decisions. This avoids the bottlenecks associated with traditional LAN controllers.

    Extreme is also one of the only providers to supply software defined radios. This means you can reprogram the 2.4GHz radio on an access point into a 5GHz radio, giving you an AP with two 5GHz radios – a great feature for today’s networks.

    The Extreme portfolio even includes the first enterprise grade 802.11ax access points, in the form of the AP630, AP650 & AP650X Access Points. Then there are the 802.11ac AP models for both indoor and outdoor use, varying from the smaller 2×2:2 up to 4×4:4 models.

    Features include:

    • Cooperative control
    • Dual 5GHz
    • App visibility and control
    • QoS
    • PPSK
    • WIPS
    • Built-in RADIUS
    • L2 VPN
    • Spectrum intelligence
  • Switches

    Extreme Networks has a series of devices that can cover small to medium businesses, or large businesses at the access layer.

    Features include:

    • Cloud management
    • Simplified stacking
    • Automated deployment
    • Dynamic role based policies
    • User based QoS
    • Cloud CLI
    • High capacity POE+
    • Advanced security
  • Branch routers

    The Extreme Networks XR routers/SD-WAN solution covers small, midsize branch and remote office setups. Throughput ranges from 200Mbps to 600Mbps and can use a variety of WAN connections: leased line, DSL or LTE for increased throughput and reliability.

    Features include:

    • Multi-path WAN optimization
    • Application flow control
    • L2-7 policy enforcement
    • Link state monitoring
    • Automated provisioning
    • Remote troubleshooting
    • Secure gateway proxy
    • Built-in 802.1x certificate authority
    • Device profiling
    • Network Access Control
  • A3

    A3 provides complete functionality for securing, managing and controlling all devices on your access network – from standard wired and wifi clients, to IoT and BYOD.

    Features include:

    • Self-service onboarding
    • Guest and BYOD management
    • Automated device provisioning
    • Built-in 802.1x certificate authority
    • Device profiling
    • Network Access Control (NAC)

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To discover more about cloud networking technology offering complete visibility and control, and how your business could benefit from our position as a trusted Extreme Networks partner, contact us today.

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