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WiFi for Marinas, Harbours and Quays

Marinas pose a unique challenge when it comes to ensuring that users in every boat can access a fast and secure internet connection.

Implementing a reliable WiFi network in this environment takes skill and experience, and our team are well equipped to provide consultancy and support in this area.


How will it work?

Our initial step involves a full WiFi site survey by our engineers at your location. This gives us an understanding of factors like the size of your marina, what’s required of the coverage, how many devices will be accessing it and the sort of interference we’re working with.

From there, we’re able to design and deploy the optimum network, which will have a bespoke design to suit your exact requirements.

Why are WiFi networks for Marinas, Harbours and Quays a challenge?

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Size and Area

Marinas and quays are large open spaces, often covering a significant area. Even in an indoor environment, ensuring a large area can access the network
is difficult.

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Take into account environmental factors and it gets even more challenging: the network and its hardware must be robust enough to cope with the weather, whether it’s a Quay marina or an inland river or canal marina.

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The boats themselves also provide WiFi barriers, as both the physical material they’re made from and the berth layout can impact the received signal strength.

Our approach

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Keeping customers happy

When every boat is able to access a reliable WiFi network, it means that users can stream films, browse social media and check work emails as they wish. Essentially, it’s one more way to help keep them happy, resulting in more bookings and longer stays.

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Proactive Support

Our UK-based support team is able to proactively monitor to your network to ensure minimal downtime is experienced. We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year to offer support.  We also offer bespoke Support packages that can be tailored to your exact needs.

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Gain insights

With the ability to use a branded login page in order to access your network, you have the opportunity to collect GDPR-compliant data to be used in future marketing efforts. Having installed several large outdoor wireless networks at marinas across the UK, we’re confident we can provide the ideal solution.

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