Great Northern Inns

Guest WiFi Installation

Why did you first contact Performance Networks?

Great Northern Inns (GNI) first got in touch with Performance Networks as one of its sites was suffering with poor wifi connectivity. As experts in restaurant and pub wifi solutions, Performance Networks were well placed to deliver a solution.

How was the fault impacting your business?

The poor connectivity was impacting on customers’ experience in the bar. GNI was hoping to address this issue whilst benefitting from the additional marketing data features the Supafi solution had to offer.

How did Performance Networks help you overcome the problem, and in what timescale?

Soon after, in 2015, GNI started work on a new site in Nottingham City centre and they got back in touch with the Performance Networks team to see if they could install the Supafi solution at this site. The site audit was carried out and the solution was in place for install.

What has been the impact on your business after Performance Networks helped your business?

As soon as GNI opened the doors, we have been able to collect customer data which has been invaluable for marketing to existing customers, as well as building their social media following to the most relevant audience. Having the ability to see how the bandwidth was being distributed and spot any particularly large downloads has also been very helpful and GNI were able to place a cap on downloads to ensure speeds were maintained for all users on the wifi.

How have staff reacted to this?

As senior staff and directors of the company use this venue for meetings and as a workplace, GNI quickly figured out that this cap was restricting their ability to work as normal but the Performance Networks team were quick to provide a solution and sorted out a private network, without any limits, which certain staff members could use without any changes to the public/customer network.

The amount of customer data, and particularly the Mailchimp integration has improved and streamlined the marketing process massively and has been extremely beneficial to the marketing team and the venue.
We have been so impressed with how well the solution worked in this particular area that we have recently rolled out the Supafi solution to 7 other venues we currently own and manage. As all the other sites are very different buildings, there have been a few issues during installation but the team have overcome these and all the venues we have the solution installed are reaping the same benefits we found with the original site. Staff have been engaged with the changes and we have found it has been easier on both staff and customers now they can log onto the wifi without having to request or give out passwords, allowing them to focus on other elements of service.

Alice Carr

Marketing Manager

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