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Event WiFi

Whether it’s for a business conference or concert, a sports stadium or music festival, the demand for WiFi hotspots at both indoor and outdoor events has increased significantly over the years.

Good WiFi at outdoor events offers opportunities to capture high volumes of customer data, support sponsorship and grow revenue. Having a robust connection accessible to all brings numerous benefits, from the free publicity that arises when visitor’s check-in or post from the event itself, all the way thorough to being able to capture large volumes of customer data through our SupaFi
Wireless Hotspot.

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Get to know your customers with our guest WiFi portal

We also offer an innovative social media-powered guest WiFi portal. Add this to your WiFi network to make your WiFi work harder for you. Our guest WiFi portal offers guests WiFi access in exchange for an email address, a ‘like’ on Facebook or a ‘follow’ on Twitter, collecting information about your guests which you can use for future marketing and promotion. The portal also connects to your guest’s social media accounts for added exposure to your target demographic.

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What our guest WiFi portal can offer

  • Social Media
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Fully Branded
  • Compliant

Challenges for event WiFi include:

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Rural areas

Securing fast, short-term coverage in rural locations

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User density, which requires specialist design and equipment

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User types

Ensuring connections remain secure for different user types

Types of outdoor event

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WiFi For Outdoor Festivals

Mobile phones are increasingly being used to record and upload videos to social media at live music events. There is nothing more frustrating to younger audiences than to access Facebook or Twitter by using intermittent 3G, especially with regards to video content. Getting a fast connection is a particular issue with respect to festivals, which are often set in rural locations.

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WiFi for Stadium Events

Stadiums and sporting venues are known for their poor connectivity. Large volumes of users cause networks to grind to a halt, leading to poor coverage. This is annoying for fans, and also a missed social media opportunity for the venue as visitors can’t take to their favourite channels to share their experience. We can provide a bespoke solution for each and every stadium and sporting venue struggling with WiFi issues.

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WiFi for Corporate Events

It could also be that you require temporary WiFi for a conference or other corporate event. Not only is the strong connection essential for the smooth-running of your day as users need to access to the internet in order to connect with the office, but you could even provide a bespoke log-in screen for your clients to keep things on-brand or communicate relevant topics to your team.

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