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Construction Site WiFi

With construction sites increasingly reliant on internet connectivity, the ability to access a stable, reliable and fast internet connection is essential.

We can implement a robust temporary WiFi system for your construction site, ensuring that the entirety of your jobsite is able to access the internet. Right from the beginning of a project, it’s important that a construction site is able to
get online.

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Reliable WiFi

Ensure stability and productivity across all sites and reduce project delays with a reliable WiFi network that will provide you will instant connectivity and communication between developments and people. Support all of your essentials devices including phones, laptops and tablets.

Our approach

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Guaranteed Coverage

Our custom-built construction WiFi solutions take into account everything from the site size, local interference and network congestion to the types of devices that are going to be connecting to the network. When designing the network, our engineers ensure that everything is covered to ensure your site has a robust connection. We’re then able to guarantee coverage to a pre-defined signal level so that all devices have a
fast connection.

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Quality of Service

If your site requires the use of applications such as VoIP, video conferencing or certain audio applications, these may require prioritised and guaranteed bandwidth in order to work effectively.
We will fully optimise your construction site WiFi network and can ensure that it gives priority of service to any application. We’re also on hand to proactively monitor all managed WiFi networks via our cloud controller software, ensuring that performance remains at consistently
high levels.

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Trust the experts

It can be a battle to get a reliable connection on a construction site, where conditions can be difficult. Performance Networks are experts in the design and installation of networks for a range of challenging environments. With our founding engineers’ experience rooted in the military, we’re no strangers to setting up durable networks where conditions are complex and testing.

Stay connected with Construction Site WiFi

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Getting started

From the start, inability to access a fast internet connection can cause delays in getting things moving, leading to drops in productivity and profit. Reduce delays by ensuring a strong connection is in place as the project begins.

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Size of site

With the potential for a large number of people on the site using the connection, it’s essential to invest in a robust solution, even if it’s temporary, to handle the bandwidth requirements necessitated by sharing of documents such as CAD and DWG files and VoIP functionality.

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Additionally, if the construction site uses monitored CCTV cameras to help keep its perimeter secure, those cameras – and the site’s security – will be reliant upon a stable internet connection.

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WiFi for your construction site that won’t let you down.