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Read our whitepaper: The State of Technology at Universities in the UK

An education guide for university decision-makers to understanding the student mindset and deliver a next-generation experience to boost satisfaction

The education sector is in a time of radical change. Universities across the UK are embarking upon programmes worth millions of pounds to improve the student experience and support their ambitions of becoming one of the country’s leading universities.

They have different needs compared to students of three, five and ten years ago. They demand a better experience, and have higher expectations of WiFi and consumer technologies than ever before.

Couple this with the growing skills gap and demand for advanced skills, and the growing spotlight on network security, the whole sector must be on-board with implementing new technologies to fully solve the challenges that the industry may face.

Download your Performance Networks whitepaper to better explore the attitudes towards digital transformation and technology in universities in the UK, to better understand how you can deliver the ultimate student experience.

You can learn:

  • The Universities leading the way for digital transformation
  • Does technology affect student satisfaction?
  • The opportunities available to you right now to bolster your digital experience
  • The need for better cybersecurity training and education
  • What students expect in 2020

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