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Caravan & Motorhome Park WiFi

Performance Networks / Caravan Site Wifi

Wifi for camping and caravan sites and holiday parks

Caravan sites, holiday parks and campsites present a challenge when it comes to connectivity.

Often in remote or rural locations and covering a large area, site owners can’t let their guests rely on regular consumer WiFi, or a 3G/4G connection. Whatever the size of your caravan site or holiday park, we can provide a wifi network to ensure you and your guests have a robust and fast internet connection.

Caravan and holiday park wifi considerations

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Existing network issues fault-finding

We’ll diagnose any issues with your existing network traffic and network capabilities with our network fault finding services.

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Suitability of current infrastructure

We’ll inspect and test your existing infrastructure to ensure it is fit for purpose, and scalable for your business needs through our wifi site surveys.

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Application priorities

We’ll ensure that your vital services, software and apps run without issues, designing your network from the ground up.

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Required coverage

We’ll analyse your existing coverage, to ensure you can get connected wherever, and whenever you need to.

What our caravan and holiday park wifi can offer

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Keep your customers connected

Even when escaping to the great outdoors, your customers will now expect a high-quality internet connection.

Whether that’s for a quick check of work emails or for higher bandwidth activities like streaming films when the weather lets them down, you need to keep them happy by guaranteeing a solid wireless network.

From your site shop to individual caravans and chalets, we use proven outdoor wifi equipment to provide reliable coverage across your entire site.

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Generate revenue with our guest wifi portal

With the Performance Networks guest wifi portal, clients are able to generate revenue from the caravan site’s wifi network. This portal allows site owners to charge for usage, either via integrated payment services or by selling vouchers.

Additionally, you can create bespoke packages with tiered access and connectivity durations to get your guests online, while at the same time providing the venue with additional return.

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Proactive support

By providing a solid wifi network for your caravan site, you can ensure guests remain connected and stay satisfied.

All of our wifi services are fully monitored, our UK based support team have a full overview of all installed equipment and our systems monitor for any performance issues or potential problems.

Each and every wifi access point constantly checks in with the controller, should an access point not check in, our team will be notified instantly.

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Secure and GDPR compliant

When providing public wifi, it’s key to ensure you capture the correct information and log usage to ensure compliance with current legislation.

Our systems log all usage required and will be fully customised for your site. We can also set up secure admin networks for the venue’s own use.

Guarantee coverage

Performance Networks engineers are highly experienced in creating solid caravan and holiday park wifi networks.

By using enterprise-grade Access Points and other specialist equipment, we ensure that your caravan site wifi works in all weathers – something we’re no stranger to, having years of experience in the military building wireless networks.

We start by visiting the site to perform a wifi site survey of your current caravan or holiday park wifi network.

This will identify any potential sources of interference and specific venue obstacles like trees or caravan construction which could hinder wifi coverage.

The survey looks at all aspects of the site, and also defines the internet connection to be used.

What issues or symptoms are you currently experiencing with your caravan site or holiday park wifi?

For a network fault-finding or health check wifi site survey, we’ll need to know what symptoms or issues are being seen onsite. Are there issues with VOIP, video or a certain application? Is it throughout the premises or one area in particular? Or are issues seen at a certain time of day?

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