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Custom WiFi & Networking Projects

Performance Networks / Custom WiFi Projects

Our bespoke wifi project work

We’ve installed networks in a wide variety of buildings to meet many different requirements.

With installations ranging from high performance domestic networks, stadia WiFi and even farm wide WiFi networks, our engineers can build a fast, resilient network to meet the most demanding technical criteria. We’re equipped to carry out jobs or any size or complexity. If you are in need of a bespoke WiFi solution, our expert engineers can perform a site survey, taking a consultancy-based approach and design a network for your exact needs.

Quality of Service

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Applications such as VoIP, video and certain audio applications can require prioritised and guaranteed bandwidth to run effectively.

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Our networks can be fully optimised to give quality and priority of service to any application. We can then constantly manage performance via our cloud controller software allowing us to make changes to your network instantly.

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The team can also create a specific cloud-based controller for you with full or read only access should you wish to manage the network or have visibility.

Our approach

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Guaranteed Coverage

Our custom built WiFi solutions take into account everything from your premises size, construction and types of device connecting to the network. Whether it be high network congestion or any other obstacles or interference which could affect signal levels, our engineers will take this into account when designing the network. Our engineering team will design and install a network that guarantees coverage to pre-defined signal level to ensure even the smallest of devices like phones and even watches have fast stable connections.

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Bespoke Survey & Design

Once arranged, one of our experienced engineers will attend site and perform a wireless survey. This will identify any potential sources of interference and specific venue obstacles which would hinder WiFi coverage. The survey looks at all aspects of the building or venue and incorporates a full spectrum analysis. The engineer will also check the type of internet connection currently used on site as this plays a major role in the WiFi experience. Once the survey is complete, the engineer will compile a report with their findings and the required works to provide strong coverage throughout.

In need of a bespoke WiFi solution?

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