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Wireless Network Services

Performance Networks / Wireless Network Services

We are wireless solutions specialists

We specialise in providing managed wireless solutions and wireless network services for businesses across the UK.

Wifi installations fail for many reasons. They may have a bad initial design, suffer from interference, poor placement or coverage or have an insufficient capacity. They differ vastly to wired networks which, in comparison, are relatively easy. Because there can be a wide range of issues for an installation failing, your business should always use an expert when installing any wireless equipment.

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What can I expect from your wireless solutions?

We would always recommend starting with a wifi site survey. Before an initial survey, you need to establish what the goals of your network are. Does it need to run Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)? And if so, what system do you require? Will you need video capabilities? How many extra client devices are likely to be present in meetings?

Next, you need to consider if you have any preference on the model or manufacturer of some of the components, such as access point, switches or firewalls. Knowing this in advance will help your network run as efficiently as possible. If you’re unsure then we’re more than happy to advise.

Depending on the type of building, and whether you already have access to the premises (or is it a proposed development?) we will recommend a survey that most suits your need. Once this is completed, your assigned project manager will get in contact regarding an installation date.

All equipment is pre-configured in our offices before our team attend to your site to complete the wifi installation. Once finished, your onsite system is run rigorously through set-up tests to ensure it meets all requirements. At this point you will be asked to sign the paperwork, confirming that the installation has met your specifications.

If you have signed up for a managed wireless service, then at this point Performance Networks will start monitoring the services and using the first few days of your new network to ensure everything is running optimally – looking at both internet connectivity (WAN) performance as well as the LAN (wired and wireless).

We may recommend various tweaks at this point. If any of these are disruptive we will endeavour to arrange the most convenient time for the changes to take place. This entire process ensures that your new network is running optimally for your site.


Point to point links

This is the wireless solution equivalent to running a single cable to join up two buildings, which would otherwise be impractical due to distance or cost.


Outdoor wifi

Ideal caravan or motorhome site wifi across wide and often remote spaces.

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Where do you begin?

Before we can start your wifi installation, you’ll need to have taken a wifi site survey.

Our surveys vary depending on which type of building you need supporting, but our expert team are always on hand to help with this.

Who do we partner with?

We work with multiple vendors including Cisco, Cisco Meraki, Ruckus Big Dog and Aruba. This enables us to meet bespoke requirements including working with a wide range of budgets. Our team have an extensive and varied background of expertise, from computer engineering to the Forces, making them ideally suited to wireless communications.

Experts in what we do

We have engineers qualified from Cisco CCNA level to CCIE level, with up to 25 years’ experience in the industry.

These engineers now specialise purely in wifi and associated technologies (LAN switching, QoS, firewalls etc.).


Managed Network Services

Whether it’s performance issues or full network prioritisation for applications like VoIP or video, we’ll help.


Network Security Services

We’re partners with the most reputable names in network security, including Cisco and Fortinet.


Support Services

Our dedicated team of technical engineers can solve the most complex of WiFi and network security issues.

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