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Pub WiFi

Consumers expect seamless internet connectivity in public places. Pubs and restaurants without WiFi often lose customers who will, in turn, express dissatisfaction on social media and review sites. Offering WiFi has become a necessity rather than a luxury, and poor WiFi service can be more damaging than not offering it at all.

But WiFi isn’t just about enhancing customer experience; it also provides valuable data that can transform your venue’s operations. You can better tailor your menu to suit their preferences by analysing customer demographics. Additionally, being able to collect data such as customers’ birthdays allows you to send special offers for table bookings, attracting groups that might have chosen another venue.

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Pubi WiFi Solutions

We offer an innovative social media-powered guest WiFi portal. Add this to your WiFi network to make your WiFi work harder. Our portal offers guests WiFi access in exchange for an email address, a ‘like’ on Facebook, or a follow on Twitter, which collects information about your guests that you can use for future marketing and promotion. Our guest WiFi portal also connects to your guest’s social media accounts for added exposure to your target demographic.

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WiFi for Pubs

We offer dedicated Corporate WiFi solutions that separate your internal network from customer access, ensuring robust data security. This setup allows seamless management of tills, inventories, and credit card machines, with quick updates from the head office for new products or menu items.

Geo-fencing capabilities enable tracking customer movements within your venue, aiding in marketing effectiveness, customer engagement, and traffic flow optimisation. Real-time heat map views help floor managers with queue management, while location analytics assist in planning and improving store layouts based on collected data.

Most hospitality venues use multiple lines for different purposes. If bandwidth permits, we can optimise your setup to use fewer lines while maintaining PCI compliance. Combining guest and admin networks on a single line could reduce costs.

Content filtering ensures visitors view appropriate content, tailored to your site’s needs. We also set up secure admin networks for EPOS systems, admin computers, and PDQ machines, providing comprehensive and secure connectivity solutions for your venue.

The Benefits

Providing quick internet access in your pub, bar, or restaurant can significantly increase the time customers spend there. Whether sharing meal photos on social media, having a long business lunch, or working on a laptop, a fast WiFi network boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our high-capacity WiFi solutions ensure everyone enjoys a fast, stable connection, making your venue more attractive. Additionally, through the WiFi login portal, you can collect GDPR-compliant customer data for personalized marketing, benefiting both you and your customers.

Comprehensive WiFi Solutions by Performance Networks

At Performance Networks, we simplify the entire WiFi installation process by managing it from start to finish and keeping you informed.

First, we conduct a thorough WiFi survey of your site and discuss your needs to determine the optimal router placement, ensuring complete coverage without intrusion.

We understand that hospitality is your expertise, not managing WiFi. That’s why we offer managed network services with tailored packages. Your staff can contact us for support, and we monitor systems remotely, resolving many issues instantly without needing an engineer on-site.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"We were grateful that Performance Networks pulled out all the stops to deliver a project within a very tight timescale and to budget. From the planning to the implementation, the Performance Network team worked closely with the BISC IT team, ensuring what was provided best suited the BISC’s needs. And even when things did not go to plan, the Performance Networks team adapted quickly to the new situation and came up with alternative approaches which delivered the same objectives to the same cost. The rural location and older buildings with their associated infrastructure make any BISC IT project a challenge, but Performance Networks overcame every obstacle without hesitation, delivered as promised and followed up with post-implementation support which was unfailing. We would happily turn to Performance Networks again for future projects."

Sarah Butler – Librarian and Head of Learning, BISC

"From the first point of contact Performance Networks have been amazing. They are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to networks and WiFi and are able to turn a complex topic into something simple and easy to understand. I can’t recommend them enough to anyone who needs a new network or is experiencing performance or connectivity issues with their existing network."

Steven Bennett, Head of IT, Manchester Central

"Performance Networks’ knowledge and expertise on WiFi solutions were invaluable to us during this huge and complex upscale project, and we are delighted with the work they have completed over the last few months.” “We’re really pleased to have completed this project, which is quite an undertaking and brings the technical infrastructure of our 19th century Palace very much up to speed with modern-day requirements."

Nick Johnson, IT Manager, Alexandra Palace

"Performance Networks resolved a complex ongoing WiFi issue in one visit; they are fast to respond and highly professional. We have since engaged them for further WiFi consultancy and thoroughly recommend their services."

David Jackson, DHL

"WiFi is now only an issue if it’s not available – and these occasions have been very few and far between. Access Points are remotely monitored so that Performance Networks can inform management if there is a problem even before they’re aware. Guests have a support line to call in case of difficulty. Performance Networks has helped Ragdale Hall to update its infrastructure to meet the requirements of the business, which is more and more reliant on technology. Guests and suppliers want instant communication, they need banks to provide immediate authorisations. All of this depends upon a stable platform, with excellent response when issues arise. As with WiFi, Ragdale Hall’s staff are only concerned when the technology gets in the way of providing outstanding customer service. Performance Networks have provided that stability and have been pro-active in ensuring that Ragdale Hall maintains and improves its systems."

Keith Palmer, IT Systems manager Ragdale Hall

"I have worked with several WiFi providers over 15 years at CCT, and Performance Networks are the only one who have truly understood the needs of our organisation. With three large conference centres that experience high guest footfall, our WiFi requirements are significant. Performance Networks have delivered a solution that meets our needs fully. I’ve been really impressed with their service after the installation too. They monitor our entire network and their support is second-to-none, proactively identifying and resolving issues before we’re even aware of them! I’m confident to say that our WiFi is sector-leading, which has a huge impact on guest experience."

Grant Farrant, Operations Director

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