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Hospital WiFi Solutions

Performance Networks / Hospital WiFi

A strong, reliable WiFi network in hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities offers more than just convenience – it provides the critical framework for access to vital services.

Support staff need the ability to update patient records on mobile devices which assists in reducing time-consuming paperwork and the risk of information going astray, and many life-saving devices now require continuous network coverage.

WiFi is also extremely valuable to in-patients and their families, as keeping in contact with loved ones can have a beneficial impact on the health and wellbeing of a patient, along with improving their overall hospital experience during what can be a stressful time.

Hospital WiFi Security

WiFi is of paramount importance, but with that comes the need to find a solution to secure the network perimeter.

Network and software firewalls are essential, but alone they will not provide protection against all attacks. The value of obtaining protected health information (PHI) in terms of cybercrime is high. Even a small hospital can hold thousands of confidential records, which could provide considerable reward for hackers if the network is compromised.

We take a holistic approach to providing a full service which takes into consideration WiFi and network security – whatever the size or capacity of your facility, backed by 24/7 dedicated support. We work throughout the healthcare industry, from private clinics to NHS Trusts, delivering WiFi networks that meet the demands of different users.

Hospital Wifi

For patients

The predictive model WiFi site survey differs from the other types as it is essentially a virtual survey. It relies upon high quality building plans to enable us to properly assess the requirements.

Working with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) drawings of the building plans, we’ll use sophisticated software to build up a 3D model, setting the different floor and wall materials to provide an accurate virtual picture of your site.

The benefits of a predictive model wireless survey are that it provides a quick, cost-effective and practical estimate of your site’s requirements, which causes minimal disruption to your business activities.

Hospital Wifi

For staff

  • Online access to medical records
  • Real-time patient monitoring
  • Patient tracking when safety is a key requirement
  • Improved communication around appointments
  • Real-time location services to track equipment as it moves around the site

Social Media-Powered SupaFi portal

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Guest WiFi portal

We also offer an innovative social media-powered guest WiFi portal. Add this to your WiFi network to make your WiFi work harder for you.

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Our guest WiFi portal offers guests WiFi access in exchange for an email address, a ‘like’ on Facebook or a follow on Twitter, collecting information about your guests which you can use for future marketing and promotion.

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Social media

The guest WiFi portal also connects to your guest’s social media accounts for added exposure to your target demographic.

Our approach

Guaranteed coverage

Our bespoke WiFi solutions take into account everything from the size of your healthcare facility to its construction type to the types of devices that will connect to the network. Whether it be high network congestion, building material or local interference, which could affect signal levels. Our engineers will take this into account when designing the network.

The engineering team will design and install a network that guarantees coverage to pre-defined signal level to ensure even the smallest of devices like phones or handheld devices have fast stable connections.

Quality of Service

Applications such as VoIP, video and certain audio applications can require prioritised and guaranteed bandwidth to run effectively.

Our healthcare WiFi networks can be fully optimised to give quality and priority of service to any application. We can then constantly manage and monitor performance via our cloud controller software, allowing us to make any changes to your network instantly. The team can also create a specific cloud-based controller for you with full or read only access should you wish to manage the network or have visibility.

Bespoke Survey and Design

Performance Networks’ experienced engineers will visit you and perform a wireless site survey at your hospital or clinic. This will identify any potential sources of interference and specific venue obstacles that would hinder WiFi coverage. The survey looks at all aspects of the building, and incorporates a full-spectrum analysis to pick up any other medical devices working within similar frequencies.

The engineers will also check the type of internet connection currently used onsite as this plays a major role in your hospital’s WiFi experience. Once the survey is complete the engineer will compile a report with their findings and recommendations.

Performance Guaranteed

We have years of dedicated experience in installing WiFi solutions for the healthcare sector, and we’ve faced many complex challenges, delivering innovative solutions to fix them.

With such focussed experience we are confident that we’ll be able to fix your WiFi issues, no matter what they are. In fact, we are so confident we guarantee that if you accept our recommendations and allow us to implement them, your WiFi solution will deliver the agreed performance.

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