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Fortinet Partner

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As we are a Fortinet partner, our clients have the reassurance of knowing that they’re connected to the expertise, technology and services they need when it comes to cyber security. Our partnership with Fortinet also means our clients have easy access to an end-to-end suite of next generation products, such as Fortinet firewalls, that are designed to overcome the most critical of network security challenges in the most complex of networked, cloud, application and mobile environments.

The Fortinet Partner Program

The Fortinet Partner Program brings together a community of technology alliances, enabling them to make a direct contribution to the development of powerful products and solutions via Fortinet’s open architecture. Through the program, technology partners are also given the resources and tools they need to integrate their products with the Fortinet Security Fabric, enabling them to provide customers with more effective security and get even more value from their security deployments.

Why we’re proud to be an Fortinet Partner

Fortinet only partners with the most innovative of companies, which is why we are justifiably proud of our status. Technical validation shows that our own solutions are fully ratified for integration with Fortinet’s own. The increased confidence and trust we’ve built with our customers is another reason we’re proud to be a Fortinet Partner.

How you can benefit

Our status as a Fortinet Partner means that our clients can now make purchase decisions knowing that we’ve worked closely with Fortinet on technology and product integration. This ensures any solutions we’re looking to implement are already prepared for deployment. And, as these solutions have been prevalidated, deployment is considerably faster, with less of a reliance on technical support and, therefore, a reduction in costs.

About Fortinet

As they say themselves, Fortinet offers ‘security-driven networking and communications for a hyperconnected world’. And for over 20 years they’ve been a driving force in the evolution of cybersecurity and the convergence of networking and security. They now have over 500,000 customers across the globe, including the majority of Fortune 100 companies and some of the world’s largest and most complex organisations. Fortinet’s network security solutions are the most deployed, the most patented and among the most validated in the industry, covering multi-clouds, networks, identity and access controls, applications and endpoints and the operations centres of managed security service providers.

Fortinet products and solutions

Chief among the solutions we can deploy as a Fortinet Partner is Fortinet Security Fabric. A layered approach to security, it is proven to protect IT assets and networks from increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

This protection is broad, with visibility to every network segment, device and appliance. As Fortinet Security Fabric enables you to monitor, detect and redress the different attack vectors and entry points, it will also ensure you have all bases covered.

Fortinet Security Fabric enables:

  • Artificial intelligence – AI-driven security operations that automatically prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats.
  • Zero trust – Zero trust network access that identifies and secures users and devices, both on and off network.
  • Networking – Security-driven networking that secures and accelerates the network and user experience.
  • Security – Dynamic cloud security that secures and controls cloud infrastructure and applications.

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