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Aruba Partner

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Our status as an industry leading Aruba Partner means we are recognised experts in the design and deployment of both wireless and wired infrastructure from this leading provider of next-generation technology solutions.

As an Aruba Partner, we are able to help you embrace digital transformation with absolute confidence, while ensuring the capabilities of your Aruba infrastructure are maximised to their fullest extent.

Why we’re proud to be an Aruba Partner

Partner status is only awarded to organisations who are able to demonstrate proven technical expertise, so we are justifiably proud to be an Aruba Partner.

Our status also means you can rely on us to accurately assess your business requirements, then successfully design, implement and manage an Aruba network solution matched specifically to your needs – whether that’s cloud managed, controller based or using Aruba’s simple ‘Instant On’ technology.

How you can benefit

There’s one significant advantage we have as an Aruba technology partner. And that’s our ability to ensure complete interoperability between your Aruba infrastructure and our own network solutions, allowing for easier installation and operation.

The Aruba partnership program also gives us instant access to an unrivalled level of technical training and support.

As we can tap directly into Aruba’s expertise, we are kept fully up to date with all the latest developments and innovative new products. We are, therefore, more than capable of facilitating growth in areas such as mobile, cloud, IoT and AI.

Our knowledge is constantly updated, so we’re better placed to meet your connectivity needs and help you deliver the experience your users demand, whether that’s traditional onsite or cloud-based management.


Our expertise as an accredited Aruba Partner, plus our experience in delivering secure and reliable wired and wireless solutions, will ensure you’re able to:

  • Future-proof the capacity of your network
  • Scale your network with flexibility across wireless and wired infrastructure
  • Successfully undertake overhauls and stage-by-stage replacements
  • Achieve compliance by having control over areas like ‘bring your own’ and IoT devices

Aruba products and services

As a technology partner, we offer the complete range of Aruba LAN and WLAN solutions. Based on your requirements, and budget, there will be a number of options open to you, including, but certainly not limited to, the following.

Controller-based solutions

Simplifying the integration of enterprise and security app platforms, mobility controllers provide centralised network engineering, IP services and policy controls.

Virtual controller-based solutions

Aruba Instant is the easiest way to enable enterprise-grade wifi. It’s easy to set up, loaded with security features and easy to set up.

Cloud-based solutions

Aruba Central is used to manage Aruba wired and wireless in the cloud. Along with a dashboard to view the status of your network at a glance, it features:

  • App control and visibility – control and understand network visibility
  • Reporting and monitoring – peerless ease of operations
  • MSP support – configuration management in a multi-tenanted environment
  • Guest management – tailor and secure network access for devices and users

About Aruba

A Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, Aruba is the industry leader in wireless, wired and security networking solutions – offering innovative and simple ways to resolve the most complex mobility and IT challenges.

Their next-generation products and services unlock the full potential of the digital workplace. But they don’t just develop technology for technology’s sake. Everything they do is focused on the needs of the customer and the difficulties they may face in an ever-evolving sector.

Aruba is constantly redefining the intelligent edge and channelling the power of insights to transform business processes for organisations of all sizes across the globe.

They are particularly adept at empowering these organisations to meet the increasing demands of tech-savvy users who rely on cloud-based apps for every aspect of business and personal lives.

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Essentially, our status as an Aruba Partner should leave you in no doubt of our capability to successfully design, install and fully support the complete Aruba product portfolio.

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