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Performance Networks Joins Internet Watch Foundation

Internet Watch Foundation

We’re delighted to share that we’ve joined the growing global list of businesses to sign up to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF).

After completing its stringent vetting process, this important step will see Performance Networks join the likes of Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Disney, in committing to tackle the issue of child sexual abuse content and imagery being shared online.

The latest statistics are staggering. In 2021, the IWF assessed 361,062 reports, with 7 in 10 – a total of 252,194 reports – shockingly leading to confirmed imagery online of children being sexually abused.

Internet Watch Foundation

What Does Becoming An IWF Member Mean?

Becoming an Internet Watch Foundation member means we will have access to the organisation’s tools and services, all with the aim of helping and educating our current and future clients when it comes to adding another layer of protection for customers.

Speaking about the news, Will Evans, Co-Founder of Performance Networks said:

“There are two reasons for us joining IWF. Firstly, to help protect our clients networks from anybody accessing unlawful types of material when using their networks. 

But also, it’s simply the right thing to do. Both myself and David Ballard are parents as well as directors of the business and while the job the IWF does is very hard it’s an incredibly valuable one. 

We’re really pleased to support the cause. It’s something that businesses need to be aware of and they need to be actively filtering against such content so it becomes blocked. 

We’re so proud to support the work they do and to incorporate their protection into our services.” 

Susie Hargreaves OBE, Chief Executive of the IWF, said:

“The global fight against child sexual abuse material online needs everyone to pull together to make sure the criminals do not win.

The children in these images and videos are real, and their suffering stays with them long after the abuse has ended. Allies in this fight are invaluable, and we welcome Performance Networks’ help in making sure the internet is a safe place for everyone, especially children, to use and enjoy without fear.”

IWF’s URL list confirms webpages that contain videos or images of child sexual abuse which allows businesses to use this service to block or filter these sites for their users’ protection.

Find out more about becoming a member and the services the IWF can provide here. Images and videos of online child sexual abuse can be reported anonymously here.

The public is given this advice when making a report:

  • Do report images and videos of child sexual abuse to the IWF to be removed. Reports to the IWF are anonymous.
  • Do provide the exact URL where child sexual abuse images are located.
  • Don’t report other harmful content – you can find details of other agencies to report to on the IWF’s website.
  • Do report to the police if you are concerned about a child’s welfare.
  • Do report only once for each web address – or URL. Repeat reporting of the same URL isn’t needed and wastes analysts’ time.
  • Do report non-photographic visual depictions of the sexual abuse of children, such as computer-generated images. Anything of this nature, which is also hosted in the UK, the IWF can get removed.

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