Predictive, Pre-Deployment

& Fault-Finding

Predictive, Pre-Deployment and Fault-Finding

Performance Networks offers three types of WiFi survey: predictive model WiFi survey, a pre-deployment onsite WiFi survey or the post-deployment or fault-finding WiFi survey. Each type of survey differs according to the site or your specific requirements. Get in touch to find out which of our WiFi surveys is for your business – or call us on +44 (0)115 822 1212 to discuss the options in more detail.

Predictive model WiFi survey

The predictive model WiFi survey differs from the other types as it is essentially a virtual survey. It relies upon high quality building plans to enable us to properly assess the requirements. Working with CAD drawings of the building plans we’ll use sophisticated software to build up a 3D model, set the different floor and wall materials, and so on, to provide an accurate virtual picture of your site. The benefits of a predictive model WiFi survey are that it provides a quick, cost-effective and practical estimate of your site’s requirements, which causes minimal disruption to your business activities. However, it can’t account for onsite issues such as cabling paths, or local interference sources.

Pre-Deployment Onsite WiFi survey

Though the predictive model WiFi survey can give a reliable estimate of your site’s requirements, the pre-deployment WiFi Survey is based onsite in order to give a comprehensive understanding of your site’s requirements. One of our engineers will visit your site to conduct what’s known as an AP(Access Point)-on-a-stick survey. Our engineer will bring a range of sophisticated equipment including an AP attached to a tripod, which is connected to a power source. This then allows the engineer to position the AP correctly before taking measurements to determine the wireless coverage area, signal strengths and anything else that may interfere with the WiFi signal.

The Post-Deployment or Fault-Finding WiFi survey

The post-deployment or fault-finding WiFi survey is conducted on sites where a wireless network has already been installed (whether by us or anyone else). This type of quality-checking survey is usually required when the client has noticed specific issues on site. These issues could include voice-over WiFi (VoWiFi), video calls, deadspots or plain old throughput issues. Our engineers will visit your site and use sophisticated equipment to check that your wireless network is functioning as it was meant to. We recommend this type of WiFi survey as “health check” at regular intervals, in order to prevent any long-term issues with your wireless signal or network.

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