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Warehouse Automation

One of the biggest innovations within the warehouse and logistics sector has been its use of logistics warehouse automation via warehouse wifi solutions.

What was once a very labour-intensive industry has now been simplified, with many firms heavily reliant on artificial intelligence (AI) and robots to help employees keep pace in a world in which consumer demand is at an all-time high.

Heavy loads are no longer heavy. Transportation and material handling across warehouses has been made seamless. Maintaining and retaining data within an automated warehouse is easier than ever before.

Exceptional network design and wireless network solutions play a huge part in logistics and how they can help your business achieve its automation goals.

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Automated Warehouse Systems

For logistics companies, automation is very important to the day-to-day output, but when things go wrong, it can do so to the extent that it halts production entirely, creates a wide range of mistakes, or leaves that business compromised.

A big issue here is connectivity and communication. Just as people thrive when they have clear lines of communication and instructions, a robotics solution also requires them to do their job. If one of those signals doesn’t hit, it can harm the entire operation and force human intervention.

Take a certain product being loaded up and moved around, for example. To keep track, barcodes must be scanned and sent back to the WMS (Warehouse Management System). If that’s not reached, it affects the data and requires human intervention.

Design, the right equipment, and vendors are crucial. We often see the wrong equipment implemented into a critical WiFi setup. The products initially seem attractive, mainly because of the price point.

They are seen as the go-to for a “value” WiFi installation, but careful consideration is required when looking at your return on investment compared to enterprise technology partners and vendors like CiscoRuckusExtreme and Aruba.

As always, design is key in this environment, but if the equipment or firmware has issues, vendor warranties, replacement contracts, and network support services can greatly improve the resilience of the network and your operations.

Warehouse Automation Software

Good connectivity is crucial for effective business operations, especially in environments requiring automation like warehouses. Common issues include:

Too Little Coverage: Devices too far from access points lose connection, causing data loss. It’s like being out of earshot of a megaphone’s instructions.

Too Much Coverage: Excessive access points can cause devices to latch onto incorrect signals or become overwhelmed by noise from nearby points, resulting in dropped connections and missed communications.

Proper network design ensures each access point covers a specific area, minimizing interference and ensuring reliable device communication. Investing in well-designed WiFi solutions optimises automation, ensuring seamless operation and data integrity.

Warehouse WiFi Design

WiFi doesn’t traditionally get on too well in logistics environments, as it must compete with high racking, long aisles, constantly changing good types and densities, lots of metal, and very high ceilings.

If the WiFi solution isn’t designed correctly, it can be a nightmare. You need to understand how the signal will interact with your facility’s layout and how to guarantee coverage—but not too much coverage!

Typically, a big problem logistics firms face is with what’s inside a warehouse, huge racking being a good example of that. What’s loaded on that racking changes frequently and this significantly affects how far a signal from an access point can travel. Again, the design is key. If you get that right, what is on that racking will not impact it at all.

Optimise Logistics with Superior WiFi Connectivity

Every hour is precious in a logistics environment. Investing in a well-constructed wireless network ensures seamless automation and efficient communication with access points, boosting productivity and operational efficiency. Even outside logistics, businesses are heavily investing in automation, where reliable WiFi, though a small percentage of the cost, is crucial for maximising automation capabilities.

A WiFi site survey can determine if your current setup can handle automation. For advice on logistics automation or wireless network solutions, reach out to our team for expert assistance.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"We were grateful that Performance Networks pulled out all the stops to deliver a project within a very tight timescale and to budget. From the planning to the implementation, the Performance Network team worked closely with the BISC IT team, ensuring what was provided best suited the BISC’s needs. And even when things did not go to plan, the Performance Networks team adapted quickly to the new situation and came up with alternative approaches which delivered the same objectives to the same cost. The rural location and older buildings with their associated infrastructure make any BISC IT project a challenge, but Performance Networks overcame every obstacle without hesitation, delivered as promised and followed up with post-implementation support which was unfailing. We would happily turn to Performance Networks again for future projects."

Sarah Butler – Librarian and Head of Learning, BISC

"From the first point of contact Performance Networks have been amazing. They are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to networks and WiFi and are able to turn a complex topic into something simple and easy to understand. I can’t recommend them enough to anyone who needs a new network or is experiencing performance or connectivity issues with their existing network."

Steven Bennett, Head of IT, Manchester Central

"Performance Networks’ knowledge and expertise on WiFi solutions were invaluable to us during this huge and complex upscale project, and we are delighted with the work they have completed over the last few months.” “We’re really pleased to have completed this project, which is quite an undertaking and brings the technical infrastructure of our 19th century Palace very much up to speed with modern-day requirements."

Nick Johnson, IT Manager, Alexandra Palace

"Performance Networks resolved a complex ongoing WiFi issue in one visit; they are fast to respond and highly professional. We have since engaged them for further WiFi consultancy and thoroughly recommend their services."

David Jackson, DHL

"WiFi is now only an issue if it’s not available – and these occasions have been very few and far between. Access Points are remotely monitored so that Performance Networks can inform management if there is a problem even before they’re aware. Guests have a support line to call in case of difficulty. Performance Networks has helped Ragdale Hall to update its infrastructure to meet the requirements of the business, which is more and more reliant on technology. Guests and suppliers want instant communication, they need banks to provide immediate authorisations. All of this depends upon a stable platform, with excellent response when issues arise. As with WiFi, Ragdale Hall’s staff are only concerned when the technology gets in the way of providing outstanding customer service. Performance Networks have provided that stability and have been pro-active in ensuring that Ragdale Hall maintains and improves its systems."

Keith Palmer, IT Systems manager Ragdale Hall

"I have worked with several WiFi providers over 15 years at CCT, and Performance Networks are the only one who have truly understood the needs of our organisation. With three large conference centres that experience high guest footfall, our WiFi requirements are significant. Performance Networks have delivered a solution that meets our needs fully. I’ve been really impressed with their service after the installation too. They monitor our entire network and their support is second-to-none, proactively identifying and resolving issues before we’re even aware of them! I’m confident to say that our WiFi is sector-leading, which has a huge impact on guest experience."

Grant Farrant, Operations Director

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