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A hosted PBX system, also known as cloud PBX or virtual PBX, is a cloud based telephony system, and has significant advantages over a traditional PBX network. Small businesses and large corporations alike benefit from using a cloud-based, fully featured & resilient communication platform.

What Are The Benefits Of A Hosted PBX System?


Managed off site and with minimal installation costs, one of the main advantages of a hosted PBX system is the cost. As a fully hosted system, we manage all maintenance, meaning that there’s no longer a requirement for you to keep in-house staff to maintain and upgrade your telephony system.


Backed by a 100% uptime SLA, we take the responsibility for the telephony system off of your shoulders. With no need to take the system offline for updates or repairs and with no risk of interruption to your essential business communications, your business is guaranteed 100% uptime.


Hosted PBX systems are fully flexible and scalable – as your business grows, it’s easy for your telephony system to grow with it. Whether adding or removing lines or connecting to mobiles, what would have been a fairly difficult job with a traditional system is made easy with hosted PBX.


Hosted PBX is able to work on any handset and keeps employees connected to the same office telephone system, meaning it’s easy to work wherever they are are, whether from home or out on the road. Hosted PBX is also an ideal solution for businesses with multiple locations, making internal communication easy and cost-effective.

Call Management

Wherever users are, calls are handled in the same way as they would be across an office system. Features include call recording, monitoring and queuing, putting callers on hold with music, transferring calls, setting up conference calls, answering using an automated attendant and even full unified communication with mobile twinning.

Great Value

No upfront capital costs and without the need for maintenance, hosted provides a fully updated system for a low monthly cost.


Built on a carrier grade platform across three resilient data centres our hosted offering is high availability and designed for 100% up time

Feature Rich

Auto attendants, Call Queues, Music on Hold, Call recording, Mobile twinning and CRM integration

Other Benefits:

Assured bandwidth

We can provide dedicated bandwidth for our hosted services ensuring HD quality communications for office staff and home workers.

In-built resilience & back-up support

Hosted in three highly resilient data centres, with multiple carrier connectivity and redundant power our hosted PBX service has been designed for business critical communication.

Backed by a Service Level Agreement

Our hosted PBX service is backed by a 100% up time SLA, keeping you connected to your customers and colleagues all day everyday.

Expertise and support

We have over 10 years’ experience in telecoms and cloud solutions. You’ll be supported by our UK-based customer support team, available around the clock.

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