WiFi for Public & Private Libraries

WiFi for Libraries

As a community-facing service with a diverse user group, we understand the need for WiFi within libraries is growing. Used for everything from research to relaxation, there is an increasing need to have free internet access for use with mobile technology.

Performance Networks has a proven track record providing and supporting super fast library WiFi. We can take care of everything from the WiFi network to the internet connection and provide client facing support seven days a week, we also fully monitor all of our equipment and connections.

Guaranteed Coverage

Performance Networks library WiFi solutions take into account everything from your premises size to your average footfall, libraries often have metallic books shelves and other obstacles which could affect signal levels in not considered when deploying a WiFi network.

Our engineering team will design a network that guarantees coverage to pre-defined signal level to ensure the smallest of devices like phones and even watches have fast, stable connections.

Proactive Support

All of our library WiFi services are fully monitored, our UK based support team have a full overview of all installed equipment and our systems monitor for any performance issues or potential problems.

This means we can be proactive in our support approach, often diagnosing and correcting an issue before the library experiences any disruption. Our team are also available seven days a week to help with any technical questions or queries from staff or library users.

Secure & Safe

When providing WiFi to the public visiting a library, it's key to ensure only appropriate content can be viewed by your visitors when online . Our systems have full content filtering available which can be fully customised for your library.

Our bespoke systems can also integrate with the leading library management systems. Our engineers can also create multiple separate secure networks, including a visitor access network and the libraries own administration WiFi network.

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