Call Routing Service For Business

What Is Call Routing?

Call routing is simply the process of routing incoming calls to different locations, whether that’s to a different employee in the same building or to a different location entirely.

Essential for both small and large businesses, an effective call routing system (also known as an automatic call distributor) ensures you stay connected with customers.

Our call routing service is a cost effective and easy way to make calls. By using our reliable and flexible method of low cost routing, we can significantly reduce outbound call costs and maximise business efficiency.

What Are The Benefits Of A Call Routing System?

Call routing ensures that all inbound calls are routed to an available agent. You lower the risk of missing out on a potential lead opportunity as the call won’t be lost or sent to voicemail.

Inbound calls are automatically queued, meaning less dead air and increased efficiency for your team. With a reduced waiting time and routing to the appropriate agent ensured, you can expect happier customers too.

We can often save our customers significant amounts on their communications just by transferring their call traffic from their current provider to Performance Networks.

Why Choose Performance Networks?

Experts in helping businesses communicate, Performance Networks have been providing network solutions for over 25 years today. For more information on our call routing service, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Great Value

Savings of up to 40% often achieved for our customers

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