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Bonded Broadband

Performance Networks / Bonded Broadband

What is Bonded ADSL Broadband?

Performance Networks bonded ADSL solution utilises multiple ADSL lines, combining them to provide more bandwidth than usually available. In simple terms, an ADSL line provides a super-fast Internet connection with in-built resilience.

What can broadband from Performance Networks provide?

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Super-fast Speeds

Our Bonded Broadband can provide a x 4 speed increase in upload and download times.

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Outstanding Value

Our solutions are a cost-effective alternative to leased lines.

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Future Proofing

You will have the flexibility to upgrade or add new technologies as they become available.

Other Benefits

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Backed by a Service Level Agreement

Our Bonded ADSL services are backed by a 99.9% SLA. All services are provided with full monitoring and supported by Cisco-qualified engineers, ensuring your business stays connected.

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In-built resilience & back-up support

Our bonded connection bridges the gap between a typical ADSL or broadband link and an expensive leased line. By bonding two or more links, not only does this generate faster speeds, but it also offers an automatic fail-over solution.

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Assured bandwidth

Our services have strict bandwidth assurance and traffic prioritisation to ensure your bandwidth is never compromised.

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Expertise and support

We have over 10 years’ experience in the field of bonding alone. You’ll be supported by our UK-based customer support team, available around
the clock.

What is Bonded ADSL Broadband?

Our Bonded ADSL service is the combination of several high-quality networking components, providing fast and extremely stable connections. Our ADSL bonding service aggregates several lines into to a single, faster connection. Our ADSL lines are low-to-zero contention and we have agreements with our carrier partners to prioritise the traffic routed to our core network. Our central bonding servers sit within our highly resilient
core network.

These are the key to our high-performance bonded services. The central bonders sit in fully-redundant pairs within our geographically diverse data centres. Our onsite ADSL bonding equipment is constantly monitored by our Networks Operations Centre and can adjust to differences in line speeds to ensure you will always have the fastest connection available. This combination allows Performance Networks to deliver great speeds with exceptional resilience, for a low monthly cost.

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