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Looking to securely connect sites or work from home?

Many businesses are looking to take advantage of the flexibility and cost savings offered by home working. However to work effectively from home, many users need access to systems and data securely stored on servers at HQ. To access the data securely will require a VPN (virtual private network), this creates an encrypted tunnel between the user and HQ, allowing data to be exchanged securely.

Performance Networks Managed VPN/firewall services, provide enterprise grade encryption for your data and can also increase your overall data security. Our Cisco qualified engineers will work with you to create the solution your organisation requires to work flexibly, while ensuring wherever you are, your information is secure.

Performance Networks can also provide solutions to increase bandwidth allowing faster transfer of information from HQ to remote users, including Bonded ADSL, EFM (Ethernet First Mile), Leased Lines and FTTC.

To discuss your requirements, please contact one of our consultants on 0845 094 4432.

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