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Is Gigabit WiFi upon us?

Well not quite yet – but it’s not far off. Expect widespread UK adoption and IEEE ratification during the back end of 2013. Wireless standard 802.11ac promises speeds of up to 7Gb along with better reliability than its predecessor 802.11n.

These speeds are made possible by using the much less crowded(currently) 5Ghz frequency range instead of the 2.4Ghz range. The higher frequency range,coupled with  MIMO technology and channel bonding are the main reasons these speeds are now becoming achievable.

So who in the real world could take advantage of these advancements to their maximum potential? Well that all depends on the environment – customers may struggle with the speed enhancements channel bonding offers due to channel interference and the higher frequency means the signal  won’t travel through walls/obstacles as well as devices using the 2.4Ghz range.

So, with all these advancements it becomes increasingly important to work with an experienced wireless expert – as there is a great deal to consider when deploying and maintaining a wireless network that will perform now and in the future.

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