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5 factors that can affect your WiFi Signal

When it comes to designing a wireless network, it’s essential to have a proper WiFi site survey in the first instance. There are many reasons for doing this, but a survey will also highlight some of the factors that can affect your WiFi network’s performance. Here are just a few of the things that can hinder your signal.

Physical obstructions

No matter how cleverly your building has been designed, there are some surprising factors that can prevent your wireless signal from having its optimum reach and performance. The most notable of these is the very fabric used in the construction, and the layout of those materials. For example, metal, mirrors and concrete are commonly used in modern building design, but they can all have a considerable impact on signal interference.

Other wireless networks

Another major influence on the performance of your wireless network is that of other networks in the local area – such as from a neighbouring business or local hotspot. It’s a major issue today, but a WiFi survey will be able to determine if nearby interference would be an issue with your particular business premises. And when we’re installing your network, we’ll then be able to make some quick fixes and get you on the appropriate channel.

Electronic gadgets and other devices

There’s a long list of electronic gadgets and devices that can interfere with the frequency of your wireless network. Some of these can be WiFi-based devices such as cordless phones, microwaves, satellite dishes and alarm systems. A wireless survey will be able to identify whether or not any of these may be a problem to getting your business running on a fast network. But it’s easy to see how in a busy, modern office, filled with gadgets, there are numerous items that can interfere.


No matter if your users are overnight hotel guests or office workers, then being too far from from a router, which leads to a poor connection, is a common cause of frustration. If your business premises occupy a large area, such as a whole office floor or something up to the size of a shopping centre, then we’ll be able to recommend the solutions that are necessary in order to guarantee strong signal coverage no matter where you access the network across your site.

Technical settings

Security protections such as router encryptions are very important, especially when it comes to keeping your customers’ data secure. But on older or cheaper systems, it’s possible that any security settings may impede your wireless network from being at its optimum – not that we’d recommend turning them off. If your business has had a network installed long ago and you’ve not updated them in a while, then any firmware may well be out of date – and this can slow down performance for the end-user.

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