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Cisco Duo Vs Okta

Identity and Access Management is a group of processes that allow users to access an organisation’s data and applications by passing through a sequence of security checks.

It is a unified solution, meaning that the system is controlled centrally, and rules and policies are set up for each user. Useful reports can also be generated, highlighting user and application trends and unusual activity.

User identity management is a ‘must have’ regarding an organisation’s security set-up.

Why do we need Identity and Access Management?

Identity and Access Management has become critical to organisations as the number of cyber attacks increases. It is a method of maintaining an organisation’s data security by centralising user identity management.

An Identity and Access Management system checks that a user is authenticated and sets parameters that control their access within the organisation. It uses different security measures to manage and maintain data security and integrity.

Cisco Duo and Okta Explained

Cisco Duo and Okta are popular IAM providers. They offer similar features but with one key difference. While Duo offers a unified approach to user identity management, Okta divides its system into two sections: workforce identity and customer identity.

Both systems include the following standard security features:

  • Multi Factor Authentication – a multi-step login process, forcing the user to enter a password together with additional security information, for example a code sent to their authorised phone number, in order to log in.
  • Zero Trust Architecture – a data security approach that assumes all users are a threat, unless they have passed certain checks. The checks cover five areas: user, device, network, application and workload, and data.
  • Passwordless – this security method removes the risk of passwords being compromised or forgotten.
  • Risk-Based Authentication – applies a level of security based on the risk associated with the user and the transaction.
  • Single sign-on – this allows users to access multiple applications from only one initial log-on.

Duo users can also opt to receive push notifications through the app, while Okta offers a broader selection of authentication options.

There are different configurations within each system, and which will be a better fit will depend on your organisation’s requirements.

Remote Access

The ability to connect users to applications and each other remotely is critical nowadays. An organisation must be able to verify the identities of users who are off-site as well as in person.

Duo users are able to gain access remotely without the need for a VPN. They utilise the Duo Network Gateway, which is a remote access proxy enabling users to access servers depending on their user rights.

In contrast, Okta uses its on-premises and cloud SSO solution to allow users to access their internal network. Permission controls are processed through servers to grant access to only their own workload.

The Performance Networks Verdict

Both Duo and Okta are extremely efficient and popular Identity Access Management systems. The best solution will depend on your organisations’ particular requirements.

Cisco Duo

Cisco Duo is a broad Identity Access Management system. It is very user-friendly, simple to use and tends to integrate better with an existing Cisco network. It offers a 30 days free trial period for up to 10 users, and is an excellent choice for those requiring an easy, no nonsense package.


Okta offers a comprehensive range of services that integrates seamlessly with 7000+ pre-built integrations. It is extremely scalable with it’s individual pricing approach.

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